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Take an active part of the club this year...Step up brothers, we need your help with: Devotionals, Refreshments, Poboy sale, Raffle sales...Whatever we need help with, join us...

NEXT MEETING: Monday, June 3, 2024, Crossroads Church, 6:30 Start Time.

Refreshments:Tommie, Shawn & ??    Devotional:Joe Phillips...

Almost all of our meetings will be held at Crossroads on the 1st Monday of each month except when holidays come into play. There may be times when we have to change the meeting site but all members will be notified in advance. Membership fees remain at $100 for the full year. Any men the age of 18 interested in joining can show up at the meeting or contact one of the members below.

2024  Officers(All area code 337)

Joe Phillips- President    280-4774 cell


Lawrence Brunet - Vice-President    849-8108 cell 


David Hamner - Treasurer     230-6585 cell


Al Perry- Secretary    296-5357 cell

Chris Warner - Asst. to all...983-2569 cell


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