RECAPS:  2020 Tournament Results

7th Stop for 2019

Myette Point/Basin

August 24, 2019

All thanks to an Amazing God...Keept most of us DRY for the day, except for those making the run to the Bayou Boutte area and He kept us safe going and coming...after thoughts of canceling the tournament floated through the air, it turned out to be the 2nd hightest total weight for a single day tournament this year. Some really nice catches team wise and individual as we had 5 anglers catch 8 lbs plus some and 7 fish over 3 pounds...Congratulations to Roger Dejean for catching his first limit of fish and for newcomer Jamie Coffee as he also bagged a limit...
Top Six Teams: Leading the pack again this month was Mark Angelle with Joe Phillips tagging along for August...the duo bagged 16.82 lbs to take 1st Place. Tim Choate & Roger (Limit) Dejean hooked up to take 2nd Place with their 13.98 lbs of bass...3rd Place had Daniel Beasley & Ezra Choate with each a limit that totaled 13.41 lbs...Lawrence Brunet & Jamie (the newest member) Coffee boxed 6 keepers coming in at 12.85 lbs for 4th Place...5th had the team of Bryan Tabor & David Hamner as they reeled in 11.68 lbs of bass...6th Place was Jim Walton & Al Perry with 6 keepers that left the scales weighing 11.33 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Hunter Thibodeaux & Chris Warner with 9.37 lbs,  8th-Ricky Duhon & Doc Bryant with 5.61 lbs of bass. 9th-Henry Faciane & Randy Prejean had 5.43 lbs, 10th-Sonny Bajat & Billy Babineaux 0.00 lbs as they headed to Waffle House at 10:00 should have stuck it out guys...
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-Lawrence had a whopping 8.95 lbs, 2nd Place-Joe with whopper Jr. at 8.51 lbs, Mark with a whopper Jr. no lettuce with 8.31 lbs, 4th-Tim with a whopper mini 8.07 lbs, 5th-Daniel Beasley had a whopper mini with no lettuce or tomatoes 8.00 lbs. and 6th-Hunter Thibodeaux with almost a whopper mini at 6.74 lbs
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Bryan Tabor with 6.11 lbs, 8th-Al (WHO) 6.00 lbs, 9th-Roger with 5.61 lbs, 10th-David Hambone with 5.57 lbs, 11th-Ezra had 5.41 lbs, 12th-Jim with 5.33 lbs, 13th-Randy had 4.12 lbs, 14th-Jamie with 3.91 lbs, 15th-Ricky with 3.79 lbs, 16th-Chris with 2.63 lbs, 17th-Doc had 1.82 lbs, 18th-Henry had 1.31 lbs, 19th-Tie-Billy, Sonny with 0.0000000 lbs
Big Fish: Joe had a nice 3.88 lb fish, Hunter & Mark each had a 3.32 lb fish, Tim with a 3.25 lb, Lawrence with a 3.22 & a 3.21 lb keepers and Daniel Beasley had a 3.20 lb bass
Club Totals: 48 bass weighing 100.98 lbs of fish, average weight of 2.09 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Looks like Topwater Frog, swinbaits, speedworms and punching did the trick(s)

6th Stop for 2019

Henderson Lake

July 20, 2019

Hot, hot and hotter, according to most of the guys fishing this day...What can you say about this day...let me see...Hot and tough but as usual we had a few guys bring in some nice stringers, looks like you had to find the spot to catch them...a few guys said they covered a lot of territory and had nothing to show for it...Oh boy, we can hardly wait to see what August has in store for us...tune in next month to find out the tales of tails...
Top Six Teams: Tight Race for the Top 3 Spots with Mark Angelle & Lil Mark pairing up to each catch a limit coming in at 11.51 lbs. to take first place. Jim Walton & Hunter Thibodeaux also each having a limit of fish scaling in at 11.09 lbs for 2nd. 3rd Place belonged to Troy Kling & Ezra Choate with each a limit,their catch totalled 11.07 lbs. 4th Had Devin Lantier & Bryan Tabor with 7.96 lbs of bass. each had a limit of bass. 5th had Doc Bryant & Sonny Bajat with 6.61 lbs. Finsihing up in 6th was Lawrence Brunet & Chris Warner with 5.75 lbs of largemouth...
Remaining Teams: 7th-Daniel Beasley & Davis Stephens with 5.15 lbs,  8th-Ricky Duhon & Roger Dejean with 4.71 lbs of bass. 9th-Henry Faciane & Billy Babineaux with 4.71 lbs, 10th-Tim Choate & Joe Phillips with 3.01 lbs, 11th-Tie-Mike McCann & Russell Dorion along with Randy Prejean & Travis Stelly with 0.00 lbs
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-Troy Kling one of new comers this year, had 6.72 lbs, 2nd Place-Mark with 6.45 lbs, 3rd-Hunter with 6.29 lbs, 4th-Lawrence with 5.75 lbs, 5th-Daniel Beasley had 5.15 lbs. and 6th-Lil Mark with 5.06 lbs
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Jim with 4.80 lbs, 8th-Doc had 4.47 lbs, 9th-Ezra with 4.35 lbs, 10th-Henry had 4.30 lbs, 11th-Devin with 4.00 lbs, 12th-Bryan with 3.96 lbs, 13th-Ricky with 3.42 lbs, 14th-Sonny with 2.14 lbs, 15th-Tim with 1.97 lbs, 16th-Roger Dejean caught 1.29 lbs, 17th-Joe Phillips with 1.04 lbs, 18th-Tie-Billy, Davis, Chris, Mike, Russell, Randy and Travis with 0.0000000 lbs
Big Fish: Daniel Beasley with  a 3.75 lb bass caught on a chatterbait, 2nd-Hunter with a 3.07 lb fish on a creature bait and 3rd-Troy had a 2.62 lb keeper
Club Totals: 44 bass weighing 71.16 lbs of fish, average weight of 1.62 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Looks like Punching, senko's, swinbaits, creature baits, soft plastics and chatterbaits...

Half Way Home for our 5th Stop for 2019

Patterson/Bayou Teche

June 22, 2019

Well here we go...Weatherman predicting 104 to 110 heat index sure made you think about fishing under those conditions...BUT, as God would have it, cloudy most of the day and a really nice breeze that kept you cool all of the day unless you decided to get out of the wind. Thank you God once again for blessing us and keeping us safe and for letting Bryan Tabor avoid having a flat. Overall we had a pretty good tournament, 5 anglers caught a limit and everyone caught a fish except for 1 guy and one other guy was throwing back keeper fish until he realized it was not a 14 inch minimum limit on fish but 12 inchers.
Top Six Teams:Mark Angelle & Sonny "Chief Photographer" Bajat paired up to each catch a limit coming in at 9.24 lbs. to take first place. Lawrence Brunet & Raun Manuel hooked up for the day to take 2nd Place with their 5 fish scaling in at 7.78 lbs. 3rd Place belonged to Derrick Smith & Joe Phillips with their catch of 6.01 lbs. 4th belonged to Tim Choate & David Hamner with 5.72 lbs of bass. 5th had Bryan Tabor & Ezra Choate hooking into 5.61 lbs. Finsihing in 6th was Troy Kling & Chris Warner with their 4.47 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Henry Faciane & Doc Bryant with 4.39 lbs,  8th-Randy Prejean & Al Perry with 1.01 lbs of bass.
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-Lawrence had 5.51 lbs, 2nd Place-Mark with 4.90 lbs, 3rd-Tim had 4.89 lbs, 4th-Tie-Joe & Doc with 4.39 lbs, 6th-Sonny with 4.34 lbs.
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Bryan with 3.82 lbs, 8th-Chris with 3.05 lbs, 9th-Raun with 2.27 lbs, 10th-Derrick had 2.17 lbs, 11th-Henry with 1.91 lbs, 12th-Ezra with 1.79 lbs, 13th-Troy with 1.42 lbs, 14th-David had 1.10 lbs, 15th-Randy with 1.01 lbs and last but not least, Al Perry with 0.0000000 lbs
Big Fish: Lawrence had a nice 2.81 lb., 2nd-Bryan with 2.62 lb fish
Club Totals: 31 bass weighing 45.05 lbs of fish, average weight of 1.45 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Looks like Topwater early and Crankbaits and Senko's after that...

Time is flying by as we move on to our 4th Stop for 2019

Indian Creek Reservoir

May 18, 2019

Where do we begin for this one !!! Cloudy for most of the morning should have made for a good topwater bite but did not appear to happen. Windy, yep, that sure did happen, it reminded us of a trip to Toledo Bend where the wind always blows and from every direction. Fish biting, not very good for most of us as we evened out at 9 anglers catching and 9 anglers with zilch...18 anglers fishing and 18 fish being caught for the day...Overall, we will say it was tough fishing but still a joy to be able to have some great times on the water and fellowshiping with each other.  Hope to see you at the next meeting on June 3...
Top Six Teams:Bryan Tabor had a limit at the boat launch and he and Joe Phillips paired up to catch 8.24 lbs. for a first place finish. Jim Walton hired Al Perry as his good luck charm for the day to take 2nd Place with their 3 fish scaling in at 6.20 lbs. 3rd Place had Hunter Thibodeaux and Roger Dejean hooking into 6.01 lbs. 4th belonged to Lawrence Brunet fishing with his son J.B. and the duo boxed 4 fish for 5.72 lbs of bass. 5th showed Mark Angelle and Ricky Duhon with 1 keeper weighing 2.16 lbs.Sitting in 6th was Raun Manuel and Henry Faciane with a keeper that weighed 1.94 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Sonny Bajat & Chris Warner with 1.69 lbs, Tie for 8th-Tim Choate & Ezra Choate, Derrick Smith & Troy Kling with 0.00 lbs
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-Jim Walton had 6.20 lbs, 2nd Place-Hunter with 6.01 lbs, 3rd-Bryan Tabor with 4.25 lbs, 4th-Lawrence with 4.21 lbs, 5th-Joe Phillips with 3.99 lbs and 6th-Mark Angelle had 2.16 lbs.
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Raun with 1.94 lbs, 8th-Sonny had 1.69 lbs, 9th-Had Guest J.B. Brunet with 1.51 lbs, 10th-Massive Tie-The "Poor Me Club" all with 0.00, Troy Kling, Chris Warner, Al, Roger, Henry, Derrick Smith, Ezra, Tim and Ricky Duhon...
Big Fish: Jim had a nice 3.12 lb., 2nd-Mark with 2.16 lb fish
Club Totals: 18 bass weighing 31.96 lbs of fish, average weight of 1.77 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Bryan & Joe hooked their fish with Swim Senko's and wacky rigs. Jim & Al fished deep water with lizards for their fish. Roger & Hunter caught on chatterbaits and frogs.

Chugging along, still going uphill into 2019,

our 3rd Official Stop is:Chicot Lake-North Landing

April 27, 2019

I'll say it again !!! It's been a long time since !!! We fished Chicot for a tournament, well not that long, maybe 3 years...
And once again Chicot did not dissapoint us as many records have been set here, some good some not...God once again blessed us with a
beautiful day, lots of sunshine, not cold, not hot, not wet !!! I know 1 angler for sure was thrilled as Roger Dejean caught his 2nd bass of his life and brother was it a good one, Big Bass for the day with a 4.08 lb largemouth bass. Oh guys, add another one to the list that will be using the "punching method" to catch bass as he paired up with the"George Foreman" heavyweight of AOC, Lawrence Brunet...One strange thing was the fact that not 1 team had a 6 fish limit.
Top Six Teams: Hunter Thibodeaux & Ezra Choate found some good ones as their 5 fish weighed in at 13.97 lbs. for a first place finish. Lawrence Brunet & Roger Dejean paired up to take 2nd Place with their 4 fish scaling in at 11.46 lbs. 3rd Place had Mark Angelle & Doc Bryant with 4 fish coming in at 8.23 lbs. 4th belonged to Daniel Bryant & Troy Kling with their 6.75 lbs of bass. 5th showed Bryan Tabor & Chris Warner with 3 keepers weighing 5.40 lbs. Jim Walton & Mike McCann paired up to box 3 keepers that weighed 5.19 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Randy Prejean & Elmer Savoie had 4.14 lbs, 8th-Tim Choate & Billy Babineaux with 4.10 lbs, 9th-David Hamner & Daniel Beasley with 1 nice fish at 3.69 lbs, 10th-Derrick Smith & Russell Dorion also had 1 keeper weighing 2.93 lb. lbs, 11th-Ricky & Brylan Duhon had 0.00 lbs.
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-Ezra "Who Dat" Choate led the pack with 8.14 lbs, 2nd Place-Lawrence with 7.28 lbs, 3rd-Daniel Bryant has 6.75 lbs, 4th-Mark with 6.43 lbs, 5th-Hunter with 5.83 lbs and 6th-Bryan Tabor had 5.40 lbs.
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Jim with 5.19 lbs, 8th-Roger Dejean with 4.18 lbs, 9th-Tim had 4.10 lbs, 10th-David Hamner with 3.69 lbs, 11th-Russell had 2.93 lbs, 12th-Elmer with 2.19 lbs, 13th-Randy with 1.95 lbs, 14th-Doc had 1.80 lbs, 15th-Tie-The "Poor Me Club" all with 0.00, Troy Kling, Chris Warner, Mike McCann, Billy Babineaux, Daniel Beasley, Derrick Smith and Ricky Duhon...
Big Fish: Roger Dejean with his 4.08 lbs, 2nd-David Hamner with a 3.69 lb fish, 3rd-Hunter had a 3.20 lb keeper...
Club Totals: 28 bass weighing 65.86 lbs of fish, average weight of 2.35 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Ezra & Hunter hooked their fish with swimbaits and rankbaits. Lawrence & Roger punched and used topwater baits for their fish. Mark & Doc caught theirs punching, well now they are saying 10" worms and wacky rigs...

Chugging along into 2019, our 2nd Official Stop is:

Toledo Bend Reservoir

March 22 & 23, 2019

All I can say is that its been a long time since...

We did not have rain at least one day while at Toledo Bend !!! Wait a minute, I did say that 11 months ago when we made our annual Spring Fling to Toledo Bend !!! Listen, no rain, no clouds, light winds and a little chilly in the mornings is what we hoped for and God once again comes through...I don't know about you guys but I always pray for every tournament that God would bless us with good weather and keep everyone safe to and from Toledo Bend. Once again guys we caught +157 lbs of fish, anytime we cross that 150 lb mark, we have done well. Record setting event for the 2 day team total weight was set by Daniel Beasley and Mark Angelle with 37.37 lbs of bass, that is an average weight of 3.11 lbs...Awesome job guys and congratulations on the win.  Seems to be a pattern going on here as this pair breaks a record 2 months in a row...hmmm...

Day 1 - Top Six Teams : 1st-Daniel Beasley & Mark Angelle had 20.30 lbs, 2nd-Hunter & Keith Thibodeaux with 17.73 lbs, 3rd-Jim Walton & Joe Phillips caught 15.54 lbs, 4th-Tommy Kilpatrick & Henry Faciane with 11.79 lbs, 5th-Doc & Daniel Bryant snagged 10.91 lbs and 6th-Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry with 10.90 lbs.

Day 2 - Top Six Teams : 1st-Mark Angelle & Daniel Beasley hooked 17.07 lbs, 2nd-Daniel & Doc Bryant with 14.84 lbs, 3rd-Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet hooked 14.05 lbs, 4th-Bryan Tabor and "welcome back" Brian Dumas with 11.47 lbs, 5th-Joe Phillips & Jim Walton caught 10.62 lbs, 6th-Troy Kling & Scott Boudreaux with 9.76 lbs 

Overall 2 Day Total-Teams : 1st-Mark & Daniel with 37.37 lbs, 2nd-Joe & Jim with 26.19 lbs, 3rd-Daniel & Doc-25.75 lbs, 4th-Keith & Hunter with 25.33 lbs, 5th-Al & Lawrence had 24.95 lbs, 6th-Tommy & Henry caught 20.34 lbs, 7th-Troy & Scott with 19.23 lbs, 8th-Brian & Bryan with 18.75 lbs, 9th-Tim & Ezra with 17.48 lbs, 10th-Sonny Bajat & Chris Warner hooked 14.01 lbs, 11th-Ricky Duhon & Roger "I caught my 1st Bass" Dejean with 12.90 lbs, 12th-Randy Prejean & Devin Lantier had 10.11 lbs, 13th-Mike McCann & Ronnie McCormick with 7.42 lbs & 14th-Russell Dorion & Derrick Smith caught 4.63 lbs of bass.

Day 1 - Top Six Individual : 1st-Daniel Beasley boxed 12.24 lbs, 2nd-Hunter Thibodeaux had 10.85 lbs, 3rd-Joe Phillips had 8.67 lbs, 4th-Lawrence Brunet caught 8.45 lbs, 5th-Mark Angelle with 8.06 lbs. lbs and 6th-Tommy Kilpatrick with 8.00 lbs.

Day 2 - Top Six Individual : 1st-Daniel Bryant with 10.99 lbs, 2nd-Mark with 10.68 lbs, 3rd-Lawrence with 9.77 lbs, 4th-Bryan with 6.97 lbs, 5th-Jim with 6.86 lbs and 6th-Hunter hooked 6.41 lbs.

Overall Individual : 1st-Mark with 18.74 lbs, 2nd-Daniel Beasley had 18.63 lbs, 3rd-Lawrence hooked 18.22 lbs, 4th-Daniel Bryant with 17.84 lbs, 5th-Hunter with 17.26 lbs, 6th-Bryan with 14.23 lbs, 7th-Jim with 13.73 lbs, 8th-Joe had 12.43 lbs, 9th-Tommy tallied 12.32 lbs, 10th-Ricky had 10.52 lbs, 11th-Sonny with 10.68 lbs, 12th-Tim with 10.22 lbs, 13th-Devin had 10.11 lbs, 14th-Scott with 9.80 lbs, 15th-Troy with 9.43 lbs, 16th-Doc had 8.00 lbs, 17th-Keith with 7.07 lbs, 18th-Henry had 7.02 lbs, 19th-Al with 6.72 lbs, 20th-Ezra with 6.28 lbs, 21st-Ronnie with 5.30 lbs, 22nd-Russell with 4.63 lbs, 23rd-Brian Dumas with 4.52 lbs, & 24th-Chris Warner had 3.53 lbs, 25th-Mike McCann with 2.12 lbs, 26th-Randy with 1.81 lbs, 27th-Roger with 1.38 lbs, 28th-The lone member of the "Poor Me" Club, Derrick Smith with 0.0000 lbs.

Big Fish Day 1 : 1st-Mr. Beasley had a 7.90 lb fish, 2nd-Devin with a 5.10 lb fish, 3rd-Daniel Bryant-with a 4.15 lb fish 

Big Fish Day 2 : 1st-Mark with a 6.75 lb fish, 2nd-Daniel Bryant with a 5.20 lb fish, 3rd-Lawrence with a 4.55 lb bass

Other notable fish:Scott Boudreaux with a 3.98 lb bass

Club Facts: 257.92 lbs of bass were caught, total of 121 bass for an average weight of 2.13 lbs. As mentioned before, anytime we catch around 250 lbs, its a great tournament.

Tips from the Top 3 Teams: 1st Place caught on soft plastics, 2nd Place caught on wacky worms, trick worms and crankbaits, 3rd Place caught on wacky worms...

Chugging along into 2019, our 1st Official Stop is:

A new one for AOC, Miller's Lake

February 23, 2019

Lord, what a blessing we received from you this day, record setting for sure. Most anglers had some doubt about the lake but as            the fellow said, "The proof is in the pudding".Though the weather caused some problems as some headed to Popeye's just before the storms, yes storms arrived, it still turned out productive for quite a few teams, so many big fish something more than likely we would see on a Toledo Bend trip...Again, we thank you for keeping everyone safe going to and coming from Miller's Lake and look forward for continued blessings throughout the 2019 season.
Top Six Teams: Mark Angelle & Daniel Beasley found some biguns as they broke the 1 day team weight record of 20.68 lbs set by Lawrence and Russell Dorion a couple of years ago. Their total weight came to 22.47 lbs for their victory. 2nd Place was a bit of a shocker as David Hamner & Al Perry hooked into 6 fish totaling 16.54 lbs. Sitting in 3rd was Keith & Hunter Thibodeaux with their catch of 15.68 lbs. Just a hair behind them with 15.67 lbs was Lawrence Brunet & Joe Phillips. 5th Place was taken by Mr. Lonely, Daniel Bryant as he fished alone but bagged big stringer for the day with 12.48 lbs of bass. 
Remaining Teams: 6th-Tim Choate & new member Troy Kling with 8.88 lbs, 7th-Bryan Tabor & Doc Bryant with 8.61 lbs, 8th-Ezra Choate & Ricky Duhon had 8.34 lbs, 9th-Derrick Smith & Devin Lantier with 7.68 lbs, 10th-Sonny Bajat & Jim Walton bagged 5.20 lbs, 11th-Mike McCann & Billy Babineaux had 4.33 lbs, 12th-Randy Prejean and newbie, Chris Warner with 1.29 lbs and 13th-Russell Dorion & another newcomer, Henry Faciane with 0.00 lbs.
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-Daniel Bryant's 12.48 lbs, 2nd Place-Mark Angelle with 11.90 lbs, 3rd-Keith Thibodeaux had 11.87 lbs, 4th-Daniel Beasley with 10.57 lbs, 5th-David Hamner with 9.68 lbs and 6th-Lawrence Brunet had 9.50 lbs.
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Al Perry with 6.86 lbs, 8th-Ezra Choate had 6.36 lbs, 9th-Bryan Tabor with 6.20 lbs, 10th-Joe Phillips with 6.17 lbs, 11th-Tim Choate had 5.55 lbs, 12th-Jim Walton with 5.20 lbs, 13th-Derrick Smith had 4.64 lbs, 14th-Billy Babineaux with 4.33 lbs, 15th-Hunter Thibodeaux with 3.81 lbs, 16th-Troy Kling had 3.33 lbs, 17th-Devin Lantier 3.04 lbs, 18th-Doc Bryant had 2.41 lbs, 19th-Ricky Duhon with 1.98 lbs, 20th-Randy Prejean had 1.29 lbs and TIE for 21st-Sonny Bajat, Mike McCann, Russell Dorion and Henry Faciane all member of this months "Poor Me Club" with 0.00 lbs...
Big Fish: Keith Thibodeaux with a beauty scaling in at 6.19 lbs, 2nd-Daniel Beasley with a 4.91 lb fish, 3rd-Lawrence Brunet had a 4.87 lb keeper, 4th-David Hamner with a 4.60 lb bass and 5th-Daniel Bryant had a 4.30 lb bass. 
Club Totals: 47 bass weighing 127.14 lbs of fish, average weight of 2.71 lbs, this weight ended in 5th Place for the 1 day team total weight.
Tips from the winners: Mark punched his way while partner Daniel hooked his on creature baits. Al & Hambone Hamner finessed senko type baits to bag each a limit and the Thibodeaux's caught theirs punching, swimbait, wacky worm and the big one on Old Monster worm

All Aboard, chugging along into 2019, our 1st Unofficial Stop on the way is

Patterson/Bayou Teche, our annual Pre-Fish tournament.

January 26, 2019

Lord, once again we thank you for blessing us for 2019 and we will enjoy your creations that you have given us...Fellowship and Fishing on tap for this day...Water quality was not its ususal color for Patterson's Teche...Of course it was a little chilly to start the day but warmed up nicely...Fish were scarce for most of the anglers participating but, 2 teams did manage to catch their 3 fish per boat limit, others did not fair as well...when the day ended, one team stood out above the other 5 teams..
Top Six Teams: Paw Paw and the Gentle Giant (Randy Prejean & Billy Babineaux) paired up to take 1st Place with their 3 fish limit coming in at 6lbs, 1 oz. Sitting in 2nd Place was another Paw Paw and a Young Gun (Jim Walton & Ezra Choate) as they also brought in a limit that scaled in at 4lb, 1 oz. We had a tie for 3rd as Brian Tabor & Devin Lantier along with Tim & Eben Choate each catching 1 fish that came in at 14 ozs. We also had a tie for 5th as Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet and the team of Sonny Bajat and newcomer Chris Warner managed to come in with nuttin...yes, its hard to believe but the facts are the facts boys and girls...
Remaining Teams: There were none
Individual Weights: All team weights, those totals are above.
Remaining Individuals: Ditto
Big Fish: Now here we go, Billy cashed in with a nice 3.1 lb largemouth bass
Club Totals: Not available
Tips from the winners: Billy's "The Ghost" spinnerbait prevailed once again...they are on sale for $29.95 each..

Official Start for 2018

Teche at Patterson - The Reel Deal

February 24, 2018

Keeyaw !!! Mais da win wa belowin !!!
Okay, this makes 2 months in a row the weatherman was right, not 100% for sure, no rain or clouds all day...However they have said for a week the wind was going to blow and blow it did !!! As one guy said, they got in an enclosed boat stall and the wind was blowing in there as well. Bryan Tabor and Doc Bryant had problems going home as they had a blow out on the boat trailer, damaged the rim as well. Thanks to all that stopped to help lend a helping hand...Quite a few surprises and quite a few teams had their 6 fish limit on the day...A couple of nice ones caught as well...So below you will find the totals for Teams and Individuals and other valuable information. that "inquiring minds are wanting to know..
Top Six Teams: 1st-Lawrence Brunet & Can I get a Hallelujah, Al Perry with 12.07 lbs. 2nd-Hunter Thibodeaux & Jimmie Cates with 10.15 lbs, Hot on their heels and sitting in 3rd-Tim Choate & Keith Thibodeaux with 10.13 lbs, 4th-Jim Walton & Daniel Beasley with 9.51 lbs, 5th-had Randy Prejean & Joe Phillips totaling 8.67 lbs, 6th-Bryan Tabor & Doc Bryant with 7.19 lbs.
Individual Weights: 1st-Lawrence with 8.39 lbs, 2nd-Keith with 5.62 lbs, 3rd-Jim 5.33 lbs, 4th-Mark Angelle's 5.32 lbs, 5th-Randy with 5.11 lbs, 6th-Jimmie with 5.10 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Mark Angelle & Derrick Smith had 6.25 lbs, 8th-Ricky Duhon & Bubba Patin with 4.70 lbs, 9th-Billy Babineaux & Elmer Savoie had 3.16 lbs and 10th-Sonny Bajat & John Soileau with 1.33 lbs.
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Hunter with 5.05 lbs, 8th-Daniel Beasley with 4.18 lbs, 9th-Bryan with had 4.14 lbs, 10th-Al Perry with 3.68 lbs, 11th-Joe with 3.56 lbs. 12th-Tim with 3.23 lbs, 13th-Doc had 3.05 lbs, 14th-Bubba  2.94 lbs, 15th-Elmer with 1.94 lbs and 16th-Ricky Duhon had 1.76 lbs, 17th-John with 1.33 lbs, 18th-Billy with 1.22 lbs, 19th-Derrick with 0.93 lbs, 20th-Sonny Bajat, the lone member of the "Poor Me Club" with 0.00 lbs.
Big Fish: Lawrence caught a 4.23 lb bass, Keith took 2nd with a 3.78 lb keeper.
Club Totals: We caught 76.13 lbs of fish, 43 fish total for an average weight of 1.74 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Al & Lawrence caught mostly on speed craws & senko's with a screw in spinner...Hunter & Jimmie caught on trick worms, speed craws and spinnerbaits...Tim & Keith caught on spinnerbaits & June bug speed worms...

Kicking Off The New Year

Teche at Patterson - Pre-Fish

January 27, 2018

For 3 weeks the infamous weatherman claimed there would be 100% chance of rain for this day...well, for the first that I can remember, he was correct !!! Come Friday afternoon, four teams were ready to hit the water Saturday morning...Saturday morning brought about mass confusion(so it seemed)...Tim called Lawrence at 5 AM and told him he was not fishing, I mean really, what's a little lightning and thunder matter !!! hahahaha...well Lawrence called Al and told him and we decided to wait a while...during the wait time, Al calls Jim Walton 3 times between 5:30 and 6 PM with no answer...Al then calls Randy Prejean 2 times with no answer...Al calls Lawrence and tells him they must not be fishing because no one answered...uh those 2 guys always answer or return the call within minutes...Al and Lawrence decide to stay home and watch MLF...Randy returns Al's call at 6:30, "are you and Elmer fishing today" ? Oh no, my motor stills needs work done on it, Raun says I could probably run but I don't want to take a chance but I did text Jim last night to let him know...uh, you say Jim, yes Jim...wait until you hear the rest of the story...And now the rest of the story...Jim calls Al at 7:20 saying he and Doc Bryant are at the boat launch and no one is there...duh, I called you 3 times and you did not answer !!!  Oh, sorry, I forgot to turn it on until I got to the boat launch...duh again...more story, I call Jim at 11 AM to see how they were doing and he says "we are just getting back into Lafayette as we speak"...we fished 2 hours without a drop of rain and then when we got to the bridge and started fishing, the wind was blowing like hurricane type winds, so we put the boat on the trailer and came home...well did you catch anything, no, just all accounts, Al declares those 2 brave souls as winners of the 2018 Pre-fish tournament...

Let's hope the real deal goes down without this much fun...Dude, I lost 3 hours of sleep !!!


2017 Tournament Results

Last Chance, BBB, Big Bass Bonanza


December 9, 2017

Chilly, yes it was, no cold it was, at least that first boat ride of the day. Slow for a while but once that sunshine started warming the water, things started to pick up. A couple of teams said they caught between 12 to 20 bass on the day. When the day came to and end, 2016 AOY, Lawrence Brunet fishing with 2017 AOY, Mark Angelle had a nice 5.04 lb bass to take 1st Place. Close behind in 2nd Place was the Lone Wolf, Ricky Duhon with a nice 3.14 lb largemouth. Ricky says he missed a couple of 4 to 5 lb fish on the day. 3rd Place had Sonny & Drake Bajat with a keeper that scaled in at 1.13 lbs, 4th Place had Ezra Choate & Jim Walton with a 1.09 lb bass. Tim Choate did have Big Fish for the day but choupique was not the fish he was looking for, a good 10 pounder for sure.

9th and Final Stop: Stephensville 

November 18, 2017

Quite a race for Angler of the Year and Top Six !!! Mark Angelle & Lawrence Brunet battled the entire year for the Top Spot with Mark edging out Lawrence after the scales were closed on Saturday. Mean while Jim Walton claimed 3rd after last months strong showing at Toledo Bend. 6 others were in the running for one of the remaining Top Six spots. 2018 Secretary, Billy Babineaux finished 4th joining the Top Six for the 1st time since joining AOC. Incoming VP-Weighmaster, Tim Choate nailed down 5th and Randall Robinson filled the last spot for 6th.
Top Six Teams: 1st-Jim Walton & Jason Moss had 10.85 lbs. 2nd-Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry with 9.24 lbs, 3rd-Mark Angelle & Russell Dorion 9.15 lbs, 4th-Tim Choate & Daniel Bryant had 6.30 lbs, 5th-had Billy Babineaux & Ricky Duhon totaling 5.51 lbs, 6th-Tie-Hunter Thibodeaux & Elmer Savoie, Sonny Bajat & Doc Bryant with 0.00 lbs.
Individual Weights: 1st-Lawrence caught 8.22 lbs, 2nd-Tim with  6.30 lbs, 3rd-Mark had 6.05 lbs, 4th-Jason with 5.46 lbs,  5th-Jim with 5.39 lbs, 6th-Billy with 3.74 lbs.
Remaining Teams: None
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Russell with 3.10 lbs, 8th-Ricky with 1.77 lbs, 9th-Al had 1.02 lbs, 10th-Elmer Savoie, Daniel Bryant, Doc Bryant, Sonny Bajat and Hunter Thibodeaux all members of the "Poor Me" Club..
Big Fish: Lawrence had a 3.31 lb largemouth for 1st Place,Tim took 2nd with a 2.30 lb keeper.
Club Totals: We caught 42.05 lbs of fish, 22 fish total for an average weight of 1.91 lbs.

8th Stop: Toledo Bend 

October 20-21, 2017

Oh what could have been !!

Well thank you Lord for another great trip to Toledo Bend, great weather the entire time we were there, that my friend is rare !!! Some really great catches were made over the 2 day event. Jim Walton took over Big Fish for the year with a nice 6.07 lb bass. Randall Robinson & Shawn Marcell bagged 24.21 lbs on day 1, yes, 24.21 lbs. It looked as though Mark Angelle and Bubba Patin's 6 month old, 2 day record was in jeopardy. "Oh, what could have been". Unfortunate for the Randall & Shawn, the magic was gone on day 2. Maybe Mark and Bubba's Gris-Gris worked...hahahaha...


TEAMS: Day 1 Leaders-Shawn Marcell & Randall Robinson with 24.21 lbs. 2nd-Jim Walton & Jimmie Cates had 19.09 lbs, 3rd-Mark Angelle & Bubba had 15.70 lbs. Day 2-Tommy Kilpatrick & Billy Babineaux with 13.73 lbs, 2nd-Hunter & Keith Thibodeaux had 10.36 lbs, 3rd-Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry 10.14 lbs. Overall Leaders: Randall & Shawn 32.95 lbs, 2nd-Tommy & Billy 28.72 lbs and 3rd-Jim & Jimmie 27.96 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 4th-Mark & Bubba 23.28 lbs, 5th-Hunter & Keith 22.04 lbs, 6th-Al & Lawrence 19.11 lbs, 7th-Tim & Ezra Choate-18.41 lbs, 8th-Randy & Devin 16.70 lbs, 9th-Daniel & Doc Bryant 13.22 lbs, 10th-Jason Moss & Gene Guidry 13.04 lbs, 11th-Elmer Savoie & Sonny Bajat 9.66 lbs 12th-Bryan Tabor & Mike McCann 8.00 lbs.


Top Six Individuals: 1st-Randall with 18.67 lbs, 2nd-Jim Walton had 18.53 lbs, 3rd-Mark Angelle with 15.63 lbs, 4th-Lawrence Brunet caught 14.90 lbs, 5th-Tommy Kilpatrick bagged 14.86 lbs and 6th-Shawn Marcell's 14.28 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Billy had 13.73 lbs, 8th-Hunter with 13.46 lbs, 9th-Jason Moss 11.66 lbs, 10th-Tim had 10.29 lbs, 11th-Randy caught 9.73 lbs, 12th-Jimmie Cates sacked 9.43 lbs, 13th-Keith Thibodeaux with 8.58 lbs, 14th-Ezra Choate 8.12 lbs, 15th-Daniel Bryant-8.11 lbs, 16th-Bubba had 7.65 lbs, 17th-Devin Lantier-6.97 lbs., 18th-Bryan Tabor with 5.49 lbs, 19th-Sonny Bajat had 5.46 lbs., 20th-Doc Bryant with 5.11 lbs, 21st-Al hooked 4.21 lbs, 22nd-Elmer Savoie with 4.20 lbs, 23rd-Mike McCann had 2.51 lbs., 24th-Geno had 1.38 lbs.


Big Fish:1st- Jim Walton's 6.07 lb bass, 2nd-Shawn Marcell 5.97 lbs, 3rd-Randall Robinson 4.88lbs, 4th-Jason Moss' 4.25 lb bass.


Club Stats: We caught 97 fish that scaled in at 224.80 lbs and an average weight of 2.32 lbs. BTW, we caught 1 more pound than we did in the spring...and 2.00 lbs vs. 2.32 lb average...not bad...




7th Stop: Myette Point/Basin 2  

September 23, 2017

August tournament cancelled due to Hurricane Harvey, so, we move on to September for our 2nd trip to Myette Point/Basin 2...We are hoping to fit the August tournament into October or November...Nice weather, a little breeze to keep you from smothercating like we did in July...To everyone's surprise, NO ONE SCRATCHED !!! Pretty Awesome job guys !!! We had 12 limits out of the 16 anglers fishing on a day when the sooth sayers said the world would come to an end...4 Anglers catching 5+ lbs of biguns caught but reports of a lot of fish being boated as we had 20 lbs more than we had in July...The team standings were tight all the way down with oz's separating teams...
Top Six Teams: 1st-Hunter Thibodeaux & Ricky Duhon had 9.89 lbs. 2nd-Doc Bryant & Billy Babineaux with 9.73 lbs, 3rd-Lawrence Brunet & Bubba Patin hooked into 9.50 lbs, 4th-Mark Angelle & Elmer Savoie had 7.49 lbs, 5th-had Jim Walton & Daniel Bryant totaling 7.36 lbs, 6th-Tim Choate & Brian (I'm back) Dumas with 7.32 lbs.
Individual Weights: 1st-Doc Bryant caught all day and had 5.89 lbs, 2nd-Ricky Duhon with three scaling in at  5.62 lbs, 3rd-Sonny Bajat, 3 keepers for 5.24 lbs, 4th-Mark Angelle's 5.14 lbs, 5th-Tim Choate with 4.98 lbs, 6th-Lawrence Brunet with 4.87 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Sonny Bajat & Keith Thibodeaux had 7.03 lbs, 8th-Randy Prejean & Raun Manuel with 4.63 lbs.
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Bubba Patin with 4.63 lbs, 8th-Hunter Thibodeaux with 4.27 lbs, 9th-Daniel Bryant had 3.99 lbs, 10th-Billy Babineaux with 3.94 lbs, 11th-Raun Manuel with 3.58 lbs. 12th-Jim Walton with 3.37 lbs, 13th-Elmer Savoie had 2.35 lbs, 14th-Brian Dumas 2.34 lbs, 15th-Keith Thibodeaux with 1.79 lbs and 16th-Randy Prejean bringing in 1.05 lbs.
Big Fish: Doc Bryant had a 2.42 lb largemouth for 1st Place, Brian Dumas took 2nd with a 2.24 lb keeper.
Club Totals: We caught 63.05 lbs of fish, 42 fish total for an average weight of 1.50 lbs.
Late tips from the winners: Hunter & Ricky caught mostly on crankbaits...Doc & Billy caught on brush hogs,...Lawrence & Bubba caught on crankbaits and brush hogs...

6th Stop: Myette Point/Basin

July 22, 2017

After getting detoured to Patterson last month, we finally make it to the Basin and fished out of Myette Point. The water continues to fall so fishing should get pretty good the next couple of months. Looks like everyone has the same thing to say about this tournament, "man, what a thunderstorm" !!! Weighmaster said lightning hit at the boat launch after most teams headed home and while Mark Angelle was on the water at the ramp...Hunter & Daniel say they are purchasing bullet proof vests and face masks before the August tournament...Okay enough of those tall tales, lets talk fishing. 8 teams made it to Myette Point as a couple of our regular teams fished the Kids tournament at Henderson, great choice to those that did, not often you get to fish a tournament with a child. Below are the end results for the day.
Top Six Teams: 1st-Jim Walton & Bubba Patin had 9.20 lbs. 2nd-Doc Bryant & Mike McCann hooked 9.07 lbs, 3rd-Hunter Thibodeaux & Daniel Bryant with 7.95 lbs, 4th-Randy Prejean & Keith Thibodeaux each had a limit that scaled in at 7.08 lbs, 5th-5.38 lbs caught by Mark Angelle & Raun Manuel, 6th-With 3.38 lbs, Sonny Bajat & Joe Phillips.
Individual Weights: 1st-Jim Walton with 3 keepers at 6.07 lbs, 2nd-Doc Bryant with a threesome of 5.82 lbs, 3rd-Mark Angelle, 3 keepers for 5.38 lbs, 4th-Daniel Bryant with a keeper 4.13 lbs, 5th-Keith Thibodeaux 3 fish 4.07 lbs, 6th-Hunter Thibodeaux with 3 at 3.82 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Elmer Savoie & Pat Cormier had 3.76 lbs, 8th-Billy Babineaux & John Soileau with 1.06 lbs,
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Sonny Bajat with 3.38 lbs, 8th-Mike McCann with 3.25 lbs, 9th-Bubba Patin had 3.13 lbs, 10th-Randy Prejean with 3.01 lbs and 11th-John Soileau with 1.06 lbs. 12th-Tie-The Poor Me Club of Raun Manuel, Elmer Savoie, Billy Babineaux & Joe Phillips...0.00 lbs, naught, like zero or nothing to show...
Big Fish: Daniel Bryant had a 4.13 lb largemouth for 1st Place, Jim Walton took 2nd with a 2.88 lb keeper and 3rd-Tie-Doc Bryant & Mark Angelle with a 2.50 lb bass
Club Totals: We caught 43.13 lbs of fish, 27 fish total for an average weight of 1.60 lbs.
Late tips from the winners: Jim & Bubba caught their most of their fish on plastics, craw worms and worms, each had a limit by 7:30 AM...Doc & Mike caught on brush hogs, senko's and a few punching...Daniel & Hunter caught on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, big fish punching.  Mark caught his punching, go figure...

5th Stop: Patterson/Teche...Guest Tournament

June 24, 2017

11 teams hit the water on our 5th Stop of the year...Half way home fellows !!! I use to love riding Merry Go Rounds when I was a kid as a matter of fact, I still do to this day and did so 2 weeks ago at Disney...However when it comes to the MGR of finding a place to fish, its not so much fun. But after a week or more of moving it from Myette Point to Chicot, we thought we were set and ready to go only to find out the to fish a state park these days, you much apply for a permit and have proof of insurance for $1 Million for your "event" which would cost AOC $500. Thus, our choice ended up at Patterson fishing the Bayou Teche, which has been good to us in the past and would have done so again this year until the "gal" paid us a visit, yes Cindy dumped a lot of water into the Teche causing beautiful water to turn into stained and even muddy in some areas...As usual, some had no complaints but the 9 zero's broke out the crying towels...A few nice ones caught for this trip with Billy Babineaux bringing in a 3.96 lb Big Fish for the day. Mark Angelle & Grandson Taylan claimed 1st in the Team Event with 4 fish weighing 7.84 lbs. Mark also took top  Individual honors with 3 fish coming in at 6.41 lbs...Next Stop should be Myette Point provided Mother Nature does not throw us a curveball.
Top Six Teams: 1st-Mark & Taylan had 7.84 lbs, 2nd-Hunter & Keith Thibodeaux hooked 7.18 lbs, 3rd-Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet scaled 6.91 lbs, 4th-Billy Babineaux & Damian with 6.74 lbs, 5th-3.91 lbs caught by Doc & Daniel Bryant, 6th-With 2.72 lbs, Jim Walton & Mike Dupuis.
Individual Weights: 1st-Mark Angelle with 6.41 lbs, 2nd-Hunter Thibodeaux with 6.00 lbs, 3rd-Billy Babineaux finessed 2 fish for 5.40 lbs, 4th-Lawrence Brunet with 5.21 lbs, 5th-Jim Walton's 2.72 lbs, 6th-Doc Bryant with 2.32 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Tim & Eben Choate-2.32 lbs, 8th-Joe Phillips & Elmer Savoie-1.01 lbs, 9th-Tie-The Poor Me Club of Mike  McCann & Bubba Patin, Jimmie & Hillary Cates (they furnished the watermelon for the day, thank you), Randy Prejean & Robert (Aquaman) Gordon. 0.00000 lbs.
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Al Perry-1.70 lbs, 8th-Daniel Bryant-1.59 lbs, 9th-Keith Thibodeaux-1.18 lbs, 10th-Joe Phillips-1.01 lbs, 
Big Fish: Billy with his 3.96 lb keeper, Hunter with a nice 2.99 lb catch and Jim with his 2.72 lb bass.
Club Totals: Well we caught 33.54 lbs of fish, 21 fish total for an average weight of 1.60 lbs.
Late tips from the winners: Mark & Taylan hooked their fish punching with a heavy weight and sweet beaver type baits...Hunter and Keith aren't talking (because I have not contacted them yet, update contact made, small brown jig with a speed craw trailer) Lawrence & Al also caught punching hyacinths with a heavy weight and 1 on a drop shot...Billy caught his Bigun on a speed craw and say he missed one bigger than the 3.96 lb fish..

4th Stop: Henderson

May 20, 2017

9 teams hit the water for our 4th stop for 2017...High water presented problems for some but overall a pretty good day with some nice catches coming to the scales...60% chance of rain held off for the day, a few sprinkles that followed Al & Tim but dry for day !!! Top Water bite, punch bite and flipping were the main ingredients for success....
Top Six Teams: 1st-Lawrence Brunet & Doc Bryant hooked into 5 nice ones for 14.07 lbs of fish. 2nd-Jim Walton & Joe Phillips each had a limit that scaled in at 10.14 lbs. 3rd-Has Mark Angelle & Elmer Savoie with 6 fish totaling 8.53 lbs. 4th-Randall Robinson & Shawn Marcell with 4 keepers coming in at 6.88 lbs. 5th-Tim Choate & Al Perry with Mr. Lonely weighing 1.18 lbs. 6th-Tie-Jason Moss & Sonny Bajat, Randy Prejean & Jimmie Cates, Bubba Patin & Billy Babineaux and Mike McCann fishing alone all caught naught !
Individual Weights: 1st-Lawrence Brunet whacked 8.53 lbs. 2nd-Jim Walton with a nice 6.62 lbs of bass. 3rd-Randall Robinson's 5.83 lbs, 4th-Doc Bryant bagged 5.54 lbs. 5th-Mark Angelle with 4.88 lbs. 6th-Elmer Savoie with 3.65 lbs. 7th-Joe Phillips hooked 3.52 lbs. 8th-Tim Choate snagged a 1.18 lbs keeper. 9th-Shawn Marcell with 1.05 lbs. 10th-The Poor Me Club of Al Perry, Jason Moss, Sonny Bajat, Randy Prejean, Jimmie Cates, Bubba Patin, Billy Babineaux and Mike McCann with 0.00 lbs.
Big Fish: Jim Walton brought in a 3.93 lbs largemouth, Lawrence had a 3.71 and a 3.46 lb pair of goodies
Club Totals: 22 fish caught for a total weight of 40.80 lbs and an average weight of 1.85 lbs.
Late tips from the winners: Lawrence & Doc worked the levee with top water baits to start the day and picked up a few doing that. They moved into the wooded area around Totoy and started picking up a few more on the larger brush areas that had hyacints around them, all punching of course. Jim & Joe worked the levee side around the landings to catch fish in the morning, they were using creature baits and worms all day long. They to moved into the wooded area off of the boulevard and continued catching with plastics. Mark & Elmer fished the pits and caught their fish on topwater to start the day and then moved into the wooded areas fishing plastics and punching areas with brush or hyacints....
HOT Stop: Henderson
May 13, 2017
The 7th Annual AOC HOT Tournament is done, thanks to all that participated this year...Looks like we will be able to write the Opelousas Lighthouse Mission a check for around $1000 once all your donations are in...Graduation and High School tournaments cost us a few teams but we still count it a success and a blessing to be able to contribute to our military whether active or a veteran...High, muddy water everywhere played havoc on most anglers as only 1 team was able to reel in a 5 fish limit. Note: It never got hot enough to sweat !!!
Here are the team results: 1st Place-Brandan Patin & Hoyt Louviere with 8.10 lbs of bass, the team also grabbed Big Fish for the day with a 2.49 lb catch, 2nd-Colby Drago & Kelly Smith with 4.94 lbs, 3rd Place: Tim & Ezra Choate had 4.62 lbs, 4th:Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet with 3.92 lbs, 5th: Charlie Kibbe & Doc Bryant hooked 3.74 lbs, 6th: Randy & Frank Carter with 3.18 lbs, 7th: Nolan Gaskin & Jerome Girard had 2.26 lbs, 8th: Scott Duplantis & Heath Heinen with 1.59 lbs, 9th: Rex LeBlanc with 1.33 lbs, 10th: Ricky Duhon & Jessica Stelly with 1.31 lbs...tie for 11th with remaining teams: Billy Babineaux & No Show Joe Phillips, Sonny "Mr. Lonely" Bajat, Mike McCann & Dwayne Vincent, Keith & Hunter Thibodeaux, Doogie & Gabriel, all with 0.00 lbs.
3rd Stop: Our Favorite, Toledo Bend
April 21 & 22, 2017
We beat Mother Nature for a change !!! No fronts smack dab in the middle of tournament time, thank you Lord for those beautiful days we had...cloudy every day until late morning for pre-fishing and Friday, cloudy most of the day Saturday...Some pretty good catches overall with 1 five pounder, 3 over 4 lbs and at least another 3 over 3 lbs. We did manage to catch over 200 lbs as a club.
Here are the results for day 1:
Team Top Six: Tim Choate & Brian Dumas hooked 13.29 lbs for 1st Place, Mark Angelle & Bubba Patin rang up 12.33 lbs for 2nd Place, 3rd had Austin Smith & Paul Barnes with 12.25 lbs, sitting in 4th was Team Legend, Tommy Kilpatrick & Ricky Duhon with 11.60, 5th showed Randall Robinson & Shawn Marcell with 9.86 lbs and wrapping up 6th was Bryan Tabor & Daniel Bryant with their 9.36 lb total.
Here are the results for day 2:
Team Top Six: Team Thibodeaux had 15.12 lbs for 1st Place, Tommy Kilpatrick & Ricky Duhon 13.07 lbs for 2nd Place, 3rd had Austin Smith & Paul Barnes with 12.26 lbs,  in 4th was Mark Angelle & Bubba Patin with 11.49, 5th has Randall Robinson & Shawn Marcell with 10.59 lbs and in 6th was Bryan Tabor & Daniel Bryant with their 9.26 lb total.
Here are the results for both days:
Team Top Six: Austin Smith & Paul Barnes 24.51 lbs, 2nd-Hunter & Keith Thibodeaux 24.45 lbs, 3rd-Mark Angelle & Bubba Patin-23.82 lbs, 4th-With 21.90 lbs-Randall Robinson & Shawn Marcell, 5th-Tim Choate & Brian Dumas-21.03, 6th-Tommy Kilpatrick & Ricky Duhon-21.01 lbs.
Remaining Teams: 7th-Bryan Tabor & Daniel Bryant-20.20 lbs, 8th-Billy Babineaux & Ezra Choate-14.27 lbs, 9th-Mike McCann & Doc Bryant-12.21 lbs, 10th-Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry-11.37 lbs, 11th-Randy Prejean & Devin Lantier-11.04 lbs, 12th-Jim Walton & Joe Phillips-9.80 lbs, 13th-Gene Guidry & Jason Moss-9.14 lbs, 14th-Sonny Bajat & Elmer Savoie-5.06 lbs.
Individual Top Six: Mark Angelle with 15.04 lbs for 1st Place, 2nd had Austin Smith with 14.87 lbs, 3rd was Keith Thibodeaux with 14.35 lbs, 4th with 13.29 lbs, Tim Choate, 5th was Shawn Marcell with 12.04 lbs and completing the Top Six was Tommy Kilpatrick with 11.60 lbs.
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Lawrence Brunet-11.37 lbs, 8th-Daniel Bryant-10.64 lbs, 9th-Hunter Thibodeaux-10.10 lbs, 10th-Randy Prejean-10.04 lbs, 11th-Randall Robinson-9.86 lbs, 12th-Paul Barnes-9.64 lbs, 13th-Ricky Duhon-9.41 lbs, 14th-Bryan Tabor-9.36 lbs, 15th-Bubba Patin-8.78 lbs, 16th-Billy Babineaux-8.30 lbs, 17th-Tie-Jim Walton & Brian Dumas-7.74, 19th-Doc Bryant-7.70 lbs, 20th-Ezra Choate-5.97 lbs, 21st-Sonny Bajat-5.06 lbs, 22nd-Jason Moss-4.65 lbs, 23rd, Gene Guidry-4.49 lbs, 24th-Mike McCann-4.41 lbs, 25th-Joe Phillips-2.06 lbs, 26th-Devin Lantier-1.00 lbs and 27th Place-Tie-Record Setting Day for Al Perry & Elmer Savoie with 0.00 lbs and the only members of the "Poor Me" Club this month...
Big Fish: Austin Smith stuck a 5.08 lb fish on day 1 and a 4.35 lb fish on day 2..Shawn Marcell had a 4.36 lb fish, Keith Thibodeaux hooked a nice 4.31 lb bass, Lawrence Brunet had a 3.46 lb fish and Mike McCann had a 3.28 lb largemouth.
Club Stats for the Event: 112 bass caught with a total weight of 223.54 lbs and averaging 2.00 lbs.
2nd Stop: Indian Creek
March 18, 2017
We give thanks to our Creator for giving us a beautiful day on the water ! 
What a drastic change for Indian Creek, drawing the water down to where it is still 5' low sure eliminates a lot of fishing areas and fish !!! Most teams fished the standing timber which at normal stage, you do not see.
Well when the day was done, 1 man stood alone, Mark Angelle...Mark was the only member to manage a 3 fish limit for the day. Story says that he only had 1 fish at 1:45 PM but had a flurry of activity and losing a nice one that they say could have gone 5 or 6 lbs. And of course there were many other tall tales told this day...Elmer Savoie however had proof of his Big Fish for the day.
Here are the results for the day:
Team Top Six: Billy Babineaux & Elmer Savoie captured 1st Place with 4 fish scaling in at 9.63 lbs. Jim Walton & Keith Thibodeaux hooked into 2 fish with their total weight of 6.82 lbs to take 2nd Place. Randy Prejean teamed up with Daniel Bryant to take 3rd Place with their 2 keepers totaling 6.40 lbs. 4th Place had Mark Angelle & Sonny Bajat with a threesome coming in at 5.78 lbs. Finishing 5th were Tim & Ezra Chaote with 5.02 lbs (actual weight was 8.71 lbs) and completing the Top Six were Scott Duplantis and Al Perry with their 4.07 lbs.
Individual Top Six: Leader of the pack, Jim Walton with 2 keepers at 6.82 lbs, 2nd-Elmer Savoie had 6.41 lbs-2 fish, following close behind with 6.40 lbs also 2 fish, Daniel Bryant, 3rd Place. 3 fish limit Mark Angelle with his 5.78 lbs of bass and a 4th Place finish. 5th Place was Tim Choate's 5.02 lbs and rounding out the Top Six with 3.77 lbs was Randall Robinson.
Big Fish: Elmer Savoie took over Big Fish for the year with a 4.87 lb largemouth. Jim Walton hooked a nice 4.33 lb bass for 2nd, Daniel Bryant stuck a 3.86 lb fish for  3rd and Randall Robinson with a 3.77 lbs bass.
Other Individual Weights: 7th-Billy Babineaux-3.22 lbs, 8th-Lawrence Brunet-3.04 lbs, 9th-Scott Duplantis-2.46 lbs, 10th-Ricky Duhon-2.34 lbs, 11th-Hunter Thibodeaux-1.68 lbs, 12th-Al Perry-1.61 lbs, 13th-Joe Phillips-0.86 lbs, 14th-Tie with 0.00 lbs. Keith Thibodeaux, Randy Prejean, Sonny Bajat, Mike McCann, Bubba Patin, Raun Manuel, Shawn Marcel & Doc Bryant...Also Ezra had 3.69 lbs.
Other Team Weights: 7th-Lawrence & Joe-3.90 lbs, 8th-Randall Robinson & Bubba Patin-3.77 lbs., 9th-Ricky & Shawn with 2.34 lbs, 10th-Hunter & Doc with 1.68 lbs and 10th-Mike & Raun with 0.00 lbs
Club Stats for the Day: 23 bass caught that weighed in at 49.41 lbs for an average weight of 2.15 lbs.
1st Stop: Fausse Point
February 25, 2017
What a great day, what a beautiful sunrise, blessed we were !!!  A little chilly to start the day off and quite windy all day long...1 down and 9 to go, next stop we head north to fish Indian Creek on the 18th of March. Of course there were stories of the BIG ONE or big ones that got away...
Here are the results for the day:
Individual Top Six: Lawrence Brunet sacked 3 nice ones on the day to take 1st Place with 8.26 lbs 2nd Place had Randall Robinson bagging three keepers scaling in at 7.76 lbs. Sitting in 3rd is "There a doctor in the house", Doc Bryant. Doc also had three nice keepers as well that bumped the scales for 7.62 lbs of bass. Doc's partner for the day, Mark Angelle, brought in three keepers that total was 6.65 lbs and a 4th Place finish. Randy Prejean stuck three for 5th Place with a total weight of 6.38 lbs. Completing the Top Six was Billy Babineaux as he managed a three keeper limit coming in at 6.31 lbs.
Team Top Six for the day:
Mark Angelle & Doc Bryant tallied 6 fish for 14.17 lbs to walk away with Top Honors for the day. Billy Babineaux and newcomer Jimmie Cates were one fish short of their limit but managed to take 2nd Place with a nice 12.40 lb team weight. 3rd Place team was Randall Robinson & Elmer Savoie with their limit totaling 12.35 lbs of fish. 4th Place showed Bubba Patin & Randy Prejean with six keepers coming in at 11.92 lbs of bass. Lawrence Brunet paired up with Gene (we hate to see him go) Guidry with four keepers on the day that scaled in at 11.36 lbs. 6th Place was (drum roll please) Russell Dorion & Al Perry with five fish that weighed in at 9.09 lbs.
Big Fish: Lawrence Brunet with a 3.44 lbs largemouth to take big fish for the day. Jimmie Cates hooked a 3.24 lb bass for 2nd, Billy Babineaux stuck a 3.16 lb fish for  3rd...others, Doc Bryant with 3.12, Randy Prejean had a 3.09 and Geno Guidry hooked a 3.00 lb bass.
Other Individual Weights: 7th-Jimmie Cates-6.13 lbs, 8th-Bubba Patin-5.54 lbs, 9th-Russell Dorion-5.28 lbs, 10th-Elmer Savoie-4.59 lbs, 11th-Al Perry-3.81 lbs, 12th-Ricky Duhon-3.53 lbs, 13th-Gene Guidry-3.10 lbs, 14th-John Soileau-1.45 lbs, 15th-Jim Walton-1.44 lbs and 15th-the lone member of the poor me club, newcomer, Mike McCann-0.00 lbs.
Other Team Weights: 7th-Ricky Duhon & Mike McCann-3.53 lbs, 8th-Jim Walton & John Soileau-2.89 lbs.
Club Stats for the Day: 36 bass caught that weighed in at 77.71 lbs for an average weight of 2.16 lbs.

Pre-Fish @ Fausse Point

January 28, 2017

Well the temp was not as low as Rob Perillo had predicted but when is a weatherman ever right ? Sure made for a great day to be on the water !! We head back to Fausse Point on February 25 to start up the 2017 season.


Here are the results: Team: Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry punched their way into 1st Place with 3 fish weighing 8.57 lbs. Weighmaster Randy Prejean & Elmer Savioe also had 3 that came in at 6.86. lbs for 2nd Place. 3rd had Billy Babineaux & Newbie, Jimmy Cates with a threesome scaling in at 6.12 lbs. Sonny Bajat & Jason Moss hooked a pair of keepers that weighed 5.87 lbs and a 4th Place finish. A couple of guests, Jude Molbert & Kyle Blanchard, joined us on the day and finished 5th with 3 fish weighing 5.61 lbs. Tim & Ezra Choate took 6th Place with 1 fish weighing 2.45 lbs.

Big Fish: Randy & Elmer with a nice 3.40 lb bass, Jason & Sonny with a 3.30 lb fish and Lawrence & Al had a 3.26 lb bass.

15 Bass caught weighing 35.46 lbs for an average weight of 2.37 lbs.


2016 Tournament Results


Patterson/Bayou Teche

December 10, 2016

Short and Sweet !!

4 teams braved the cold on this fishing day. With temps in the high 30's to kick off the morning, most figured the bite would be slow, it was indeed...Until the sun warmed up the water and the fish. Jason Moss & Sonny Bajat reeled in a nice 2 lb bass to lay claim on the title for the Big Bass Bonanza. Jim Walton fishing with his grandson took 2nd place with a 1.5 lb catch for the day.

Stephensville-Grand Finale'-High/Low 

November 19, 2016

Instant Replay

In more ways than you think. Think back to this same time last year weather wise, yes a cold front on tap for the day, good news was there was no rain involved on the day of fishing, windy, yes, cold, yes, fish biting yes, no depending on who you are. Instant replay, yes, Lawrence Brunet wrapped up another Angler of the Year award, its 5 in a row...Big stringer for the day, yes, not as high as last year but had he boated the 6 pounder he would have pushed the 14 lbs he caught last year...also, he managed to catch another 3 pounder, a bull frog !! One more tad of info...Lawrence also broke Daniel Bryant's Weight total for the year, he also broke the Century Mark with 100.67 lbs of fish. Daniel's record was set in 2011 and was 89.22 lbs.


Top Six Teams: Congratulations to Lawrence Brunet & David Hebert for their 1st Place finish with a 14.28 lb catch. Tim Choate & Elmer Savoie took a wild ride across Lake Verret to nail down 2nd Place with their 10.75 stringer. Following close behind and finishing 3rd was the team of Austin Smith & Gene Guidry as they tallied 10.61 lbs. Daniel & Doc Bryant hooked 4th with a nice 10.22 sack of bass...5th Place belonged to Hunter Thibodeaux & Paul Barnes with 5.63 lbs. Completing the Top Six was the twosome of Mark Angelle & Jason Moss with 4.87 lbs.


Individual Top Six: 1st Place-Lawrence Brunet boated 3 that weighed 11.59 lbs.  2nd Place-Austin Smith with a nice stringer of 8.22 lbs, 3rd-Daniel Bryant with 7.19 lbs, 4th-Tim Choate with 6.80 lbs, 5th-Hunter Thibodeaux  had 4.41 lbs, and in 6th-Tie-Billy Babineaux & Elmer Savoie with 3.95 lbs.


Big Fish for the day: Lawrence with 4.22 lbs, he also had a 3.99 lb and a 3.70 lb fish...Tim 3.74 lb fish, Austin had a 3.60, Daniel had a 3.20 and Billy had a 2.72 lb fish.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Billy Babineaux & Ezra Choate 3.95 lbs, 8th-Randy Prejean & Al Perry 3.30 lbs.  9th Place:Tie:Sonny Bajat & Ricky Duhon and Raun Manuel & Jim Walton 0.00 lbs...


Remaining Individuals: 8th-Jason Moss 3.32 lbs, 9th-Doc Bryant 3.03 lbs, 10th-David Hebert 2.69 lbs, 11th-Gene Guidry 2.39 lbs, 12th-Randy Prejean 1.79 lbs, 13th-Mark Angelle 1.55 lbs, 14th-Al Perry 1.51 lbs, 15th-Paul Barnes 1.22 lbs 16th-Tie-Sonny Bajat, Raun Manuel, Ricky Duhon & Jim Walton, the Poor Me slub for November with 0.00 lbs.


Club Totals: 32 fish weighed 63.61 lbs for an average weight of 1.99 lbs.

Toledo Bend

October 21-22, 2016

Typical Toledo Bend trip !! Frontal passage smack dab in the middle of our stay...

However, from what we can tell, the cool down may have helped the fishing as good stringers were brought in both days and better than the reported pre-fish is a breakdown of the Top Six Teams each day and the Team totals overall for the two day event as well as the Individual Results.

Day 1 - Top Six Teams : 1st-Brian Dumas & Tim Choate had 15.08 lbs, 2nd-Bryan Tabor & Daniel Bryant with 13.67 lbs, 3rd-Austin Smith & Paul Barnes-13.61 lbs, 4th-Bubba Patin & Mark Angelle-12.13 lbs, 5th-Tommy Kilpatrick & Ricky Duhon-11.85 lbs and 6th-Randy Prejean & Devin Lantier-10.46 lbs.

Day 2 - Top Six Teams : 1st-Hunter & Keith Thibodeaux had 16.99 lbs, 2nd-Mark Angelle & Bubba Patin with 14.39 lbs, 3rd-Randy Prejean & Devin Lantier-12.96 lbs, 4th-Austin Smith & Paul Barnes-12.40 lbs, 5th-Jim Walton-10.06 lbs, 6th-Brian & Tim-7.61 lbs 

Overall Teams : 1st-Mark & Bubba had 26.52 lbs, 2nd-Austin & Paul with 26.01 lbs, 3rd-Hunter & Keith-25.46 lbs, 4th-Randy & Devin-23.42 lbs, 5th-Brian & Tim-22.69 lbs, 6th-Bryan Tabor & Daniel Bryant-20.60 lbs, 7th-Lawrence Brunet-16.97 lbs, 8th-Tommy Kilpatrick & Ricky Duhon-15.96 lbs, 9th-Jim Walton-14.68 lbs, 10th-Doc Bryant & Charlie Kibbe-12.91 lbs, 11th-Scott Duplantis-10.39 lbs, 12th-Sonny Bajat & Elmer Savoie-9.91 lbs, 13th-Dallas Prejean & Derrick Smith-7.74 lbs, 14th-Gene Guidry & Jason Moss-5.24 lbs.

Day 1 - Top Six Individual : 1st-Lawrence Brunet had 10.40 lbs, 2nd-Tommy Kilpatrick with 9.53 lbs, 3rd-Brian Dumas-9.14 lbs, 4th-Daniel Bryant-8.61 lbs, 5th-Austin Smith-7.32 lbs and 6th-Bubba Patin-7.10 lbs.

Day 2 - Top Six Individual : 1st-Keith Thibodeaux had 10.27 lbs, 2nd-Jim Walton with 10.06 lbs, 3rd-Mark Angellle-9.32 lbs, 4th-Devin Lantier-8.65 lbs, 5th-Hunter Thibodeaux-6.72 lbs and 6th-Lawrence-6.57 lbs.

Overall Individual : 1st-Lawrence had 16.97 lbs, 2nd-Brian with 14.75 lbs, 3rd-Jim-14.68 lbs, 4th-Mark-14.35 lbs, 5th-Devin-14.31 lbs, 6th-Austin-13.50 lbs, 7th-Keith-12.75 lbs, 8th-Hunter-12.71 lbs, 9th-Paul-12.51 lbs, 10th-Bubba-12.17 lbs, 11th-Daniel Byrant-11.56 lbs, 12th-Doc-10.85 lbs, 13th-Scott-10.39 lbs, 14th-Tommy-9.53 lbs, 15th-Randy-9.11 lbs, 16th-Bryan-9.04, 17th-Tim-7.94 lbs, 18th-Elmer-7.47 lbs, 19th-Ricky-6.43 lbs, 20th-Jason-5.24 lbs, 21st-Derrick Smith-4.05 lbs, 22nd-Dallas-3.69 lbs, 23rd-Sonny Bajat-2.44 lbs, 24th-Charlie-2.06 lbs, 25th-Gene Guidry, Mr. Lonely with 0.00 lbs...Ezra Choate fished with Jim and boated 4.72 lbs.

Big Fish Day 1 : 1st-Lawrence had a 4.85 lb fish, 2nd-Bubba with a 4.65 lb fish, 3rd-Tommy-with a 4.42 lb fish 

Big Fish Day 2 : 1st-Jim had a 5.08 lb fish, 2nd-Randy with a 4.37 lb fish

Other notable fish:Elmer-3.92 lb bass, Brian- 3.56 lbs fish and Daniel with a 3.35 lb bass.


Club Totals: 110 bass weighed in at 238.10 lbs for an average weight of 2.16 lbs. 

Henderson Alternate Tournament Results:

Teams: 1st. Billy Babineaux & David Hebert had 14.26 lbs

               2nd: Ruan Manuel & John Soileau had 7.76 lbs.

Individual: 1st. David Hebert had 7.19 lbs and Big Fish for the day with a 3.44 lb bass

                     2nd: Billy Babineaux had 7.07 lbs.

                     3rd: Ruan Manuel with 4.19 lbs

                     4th: John Soileau had a Dirty Harry...3.57 lbs

Myette Point - Basin 3

September 24, 2016

Once again, better than last month !!!

We weighed in 11 lbs more as a club than we did in August...Sure wish we would have had another watermelon month !!! Strange things happen with fishing such as Lawrence not weighing in a "punch bite" fish...The bite was good for most of the anglers for the day with over 92 lbs being weighed in...Well we are headed into the "Home Stretch" now and another horse has taken the lead as Mark Angelle squeezed by Lawrence with his 8.44 lb stringer... Austin had another good bag this month and again took top honors individually with his 8.59 lb catch and hooked Big Fish for the day with a nice 3.37 lb largemouth.


Top Six Teams: Doc Bryant drew Austin as his partner for the day and the duo claimed the  Team Victory with 15.26 lb of bass. Mark Angelle & Ricky Duhon brought 12.20 lbs to the scales for 2nd Place. 3rd Place shows Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry's catch with a total weight of 11.97 lbs. Hunter Thibodeaux & Elmer Savoie paired up for a 4th Place finish with their 9.28 lbs of bass...Fishing team of Randy Prejean & Daniel Bryant took 5th with 8.16 lbs. and completing the Top Six was Jim Walton & Gene Guidry with 7.91 lbs


Individual Totals: 1st Place-Austin Smith bagged 8.59 lbs of keepers. 2nd Place-Mark Angelle had 8.44 lbs,  3rd-Doc Bryant had 6.47 lbs. 4th-Hunter Thibodeaux with 6.49 lbs, 5th-Lawrence Brunet with 6.10 lbs, 6th-Al Perry, yes, Al Perry had 5.87 lbs, 


Big Fish for the day: Austin Smith 3.37 lbs, Hunter Thibodeaux 3.32 lbs for 2nd &  Mark Angelle's 3.02 lb fish took 3rd.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Scott Duplantis & Keith Thibodeaux with 7.69 lbs, 8th-Brian Dumas returned to action and teamed up with Raun Manuel for 6.71 lbs.  9th Place:Sonny Bajat & John Soileau with 6.68 lbs, 10th-Tim Choate & Joe Phillips had 4.25 lbs. 11th-Billy Babineaux & Bubba Patin with 3.80 lbs 12th- Weighin no shows, David's Hamner & Hebert 0.00 lbs


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Raun Manuel-5.46 lbs. 8th-Scott Duplantis 5.25 lbs, 9th-Doc Bryant 4.87 lbs, 10th-Jim Walton 4.86 lbs, 11th-Daniel Bryant 4.26 lbs, 12th-Tim Chaote 4.25 lbs, 13th-Sonny Bajat 4.24 lbs, 14th-Randy Prejean 3.90 lbs, 15th-Ricky Duhon 3.76 lbs, 16th-Gene Guidry 3.05 lbs, 17th-Elmer Savoie 3.79 lbs, 18th-Bubba Patin 2.60 lbs, 19th-Tie-Keith Thibodeaux & John Soileau, 21st-Brian Dumas-1.25 lbs, 22nd-Billy Babineaux-1.20 lbs and 23rd-Tie for the Poor Me Club...Joe Phillips, David Hebert & David Hamner-0.00 lbs


Club Totals: 50 fish weighed 92.11 lbs for an average weight of 1.86 lbs.

Myette Point - Basin 2

August 27, 2016


Better than last month ???

Well, yes it was !!!  Surprising to some, we weighed in 21.5 lbs more as a club than we did in July...Go figure...Not much in the way of sunshine so that must have helped, God spared us from getting wet...talkig to some members, looks like there were a lot of fish caught but a lot of small fish...still a blast to catch those largemouth..Tim saved the day once again with WATERMELON !!!


Top Six Teams: Mark Angelle & Daniel Bryant did not beat the oddsmakers in Vegas as many expected they squeezed out a victory over the next 3 teams by just over a pound. The duo sacked 11.32 lbs to take top honors.

Hot on their heels were Tim Choate & Elmer Savoie with their 10.95 lb catch for the 2nd spot. Sitting in 3rd and close by were Lawrence Brunet & Raun Manuel with 10.37 lbs of bass. 4th showed Austin Smith & Joe Phillips with 10.26 lbs. 5th Place belonged to Jim Walton & Al Perry with 7.88 lbs, filling out the Top Six was Sonny Bajat & Byran Tabors 7.75 lb total weight.


Individual Totals: 1st Place-Austin Smith hooked into 8.19 lbs of keepers. 2nd Place-Jim Walton had 6.75 lbs, 3rd-Lawrence Brunet with 6.31 lbs, 4th-Mark Angelle with 6.19 lbs, 5th-Tim Choate showed 5.94 lbs, and in 6th was Randy Prejeans 5.56 lb total.


Big Fish for the day: Jim Walton 4.13 lbs, Scott Duplantis 3.94 lbs for 2nd &  Austin Smith's 3.31 took 3rd.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Devin Lantier & Ricky Duhon 7.44 lbs, 8th-Randy Prejean & Bubba Patin 6.69 lbs.  9th Place: Scott Duplantis & David Hebert with 3.94 lbs, 10th-David Hamner & Jason Moss had 3.32 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Daniel Bryant 5.13 lbs, 8th-Elmer Savoie 5.01 lbs, 9th-Devin Lantier 4.19 lbs, 10th-Raun Manuel 4.06 lbs, 11th-Tie-Scott Duplantis & Sonny Bajat 3.94 lbs, 13th-Bryan Tabor 3.81 lbs, 14th-Jason Moss 3.32 lbs, 15th-Ricky Duhon 3.25 lbs, 16th-Joe Phillips 2.07 lbs and 17th-Tie-Al Perry & Bubba Patin 1.13 lbs and Tie for 19th between the David guys, Hebert & Hamner, the Poor Me guys for August with 0.00


Club Totals: 48 fish weighed 79.92 lbs for an average weight of 1.67 lbs.



Myette Point - Basin 1

July 23, 2016


Go West Young Man !!!

That's a phrase from the 1850's made famous by Horace Greely as American Civilization began moving westward. It held true for the tournament as well as the winning stringer was caught left of the landing...okay, okay, so it was actually north. A few good stringers were caught and there are some of us still looking for a keeper fish. Thank you Lord for keeping the heat away as we had mostly cloudy skies the majority of the think the Top Water bite would have been great throughout the day...NOT !!!  Tim saved the day with WATERMELON !!!


Top Six Teams: Lawerence Brunet & Elmer Savoie each boated a limit to take top honors for the day with a nice 11.89 lb bag. 2nd Place belonged to Mark Angelle & Bubba Patin as they each bagged a limit on the day, that total was 10.18 lbs. Hunter Thibodeaux & his dad Keith were 1 fish short of a limit but still managed to take 3rd Place with their 8.50 lb catch and just edged out Tim Choate & Ricky Duhon's 4th Place total of 8.45 lbs. 5th Place showed David Hamner & Gene Guidry's catch totaling 7.95 lbs. Completing the Top Six was Scott Duplantis & Joe Phillips with 6.62 lbs of bass.


Individual Totals: 1st Place-Lawrence Brunet led the pack with a nice 8.01 lb sack of keepers. 2nd Place-Mark Angelle's 5.68 lbs, 3rd-Hunter Thibodeaux with 5.44 lbs, 4th-David Hamner had 4.82 lbs, 5th-Ricky Duhon caught 4.51 lbs, and in 6th was Bubba Patin's 4.50 lb total


Big Fish for the day: Hunter Thibodeaux-3.44 lbs, Lawrence had a pair of 2.88 lb bass for 2nd & 3rd.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Jim Walton & Doc Bryant with 2.69 lbs, 8th-Devin Lantier & Raun Manuel with 1.13 lbs. Tie for 9th Place: Randy Prejean & Al Perry and Sonny Bajat & Daniel Bryant (DQ'd) with 0.00 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Scott Duplantis-4.00 lbs, 8th-Tim Choate-3.94 lbs, 9th-Elmer Savoie-3.88 lbs, 10th-Gene Guidry-3.13 lbs, 11th-Keith Thibodeaux-3.06 lbs, 12th-Jim Walton-2.75 lbs, 13th-Joe Phillips-2.62 lbs, 14th-Devin Lantier-1.13 lbs, 15th-Doc Bryant-0.94 lbs and 16th-Tie-The Poor Me Club of Randy Prejean, Al Perry, Raun Manuel, Sonny Bajat & Daniel Bryant..0.00 lbs


Club Totals: 38 fish weighed 57.41 lbs for an average weight of 1.51 lbs.


Henderson - HOT/Guest Tournament

June 25, 2016



110 degree heat index, water temps in the mid 90's, some of the fish brought in were broiled, consuming 20 bottles of water between 2 guys...You know its hot when you can feel your pulse trobbing in your yes it was HOT !!!  Okay, moving along to the meat of the story, the "HOT" benefit tournament. We had 30 teams fish the event and expect to raise somewhere between 1800 & $2000 this year. Much thanks goes out to Tim Choate, Gene Guidry and Mark Angelle for heading up the event as a lot of time and effort went into getting this done. Thanks to Billy and David Hamner for the watermelon, Superior Trolling Motors for the white beans, sausage, rice and bread. Cypress Cove for allowing us to use the facility, Country Station for the plaque display at the store, Lafayette Oilmens Bass Club and AGE for donating that plaque and for getting the word out to others. Jason Moss for lining up the 1/2 Guided trip to Toledo Bend with Elite Guide Service for Big Fish for the day.  I know there are more to be thanked so "thank you" for all the help. Especially to Maddie Choate for coming out early and taking covering for us until all had been registered...


Here are the results for the day: Top Six teams: 1st-Ken Babin & Burke Matthews with 12.83 lbs of bass. 2nd-Brooks & Ashley Webre' with 12.64 lbs, 3rd-AOC member David Hamner & Clint Pitman with 12.17 lbs. 4th-Paul Miller & Pat Cormier had 11.65 lbs, 5th-Scott Bizette & Brilen Renard with 9.90 lbs, 6th-AOC member Tim Choate & son Ezra Choate with 9.42 lbs.  Brooks Webre' took Big Fish for the day with a nice 4.11 lb bass and a 1/2 day guided trip to Toledo Bend with Elite Guide Service. Ken Babin & Burke Matthews recorded a 3.60 lb fish for 2nd place.  Scott Bizette & Brilen Renard had a 3.39 largemouth for 3rd place.


Additional Teams: 7th-Gene Guidry & Jeff Voohries-7.52 lbs, 8th-Brian Dumas & Doc Bryant-7.25 lbs, 9th-Ricky Duhon & Blaine-7.11 lbs, 10th-Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet-6.68 lbs, 11th-Scott Duplantis & Quentin Blanchard-6.26 lbs, 12th-Billy & Damian Babineaux-5.75 lbs, 13th-Bryan Tabor & Daniel Bryant-5.46 lbs, 14th-Randy Prejean & Bubba Patin-5.10 lbs, 15th-Randall Robinson-4.85 lbs, 16th-Hunter Thibodeaux & Dylan Hargrave-4.66 lbs, 17th-Mark & Lil Mark Angelle-4.11 lbs, 18th-Jeff & Jesse Smith-2.51 lbs, 19th-Sonny Bajat & Jason Moss-1.51 lbs.


AOC Individual Totals: 1st-David "Hambone" Hamner with 7.33 lbs, 2nd-Tim Choate had 6.24 lbs, 3rd-Lawrence Brunet with 5.87 lbs, 4th-Bubba Patin with 5.30 lbs, 5th-Scott Duplantis had 5.28 lbs, 6th-Billy Babineaux with 4.69 lbs, 7th-Gene Guidry with 4.43 lbs, 8th-Brian Dumas had 4.35 lbs, 9th-Randall Robinson with 4.25 lbs, 10th-Hunter Thibodeaux had 3.99 lbs, 11th-Bryan Tabor hooked 3.85 lbs, 12th-Doc Bryant with 3.50 lbs, 13th-Daniel Bryant with 2.01 lbs, 14th-Mark Angelle had 1.95 lbs, 15th-Sonny Bajat had 1.51 lbs and old reliable had 1.21 lbs (ALP)  

The Poor Me Club for June: Jason Moss, Randy Prejean, David Hebert, Paul Barnes & Austin Smith all naught dot naught naught.



Indian Creek

May 21, 2016


A little more than expected !!!

To say the least, geez Louise after all the pre-fishing reports, the tournament exceeded most expectations. Pretty phenominal catches, many bass over 3 lbs and many more missed opportunities on some monster fish. Individual Top Six: Let's start with AOC Angler of the Year, Lawrence Brunet. 3 fish totaling 13.20 lbs which included Big Bass for the day scaling in at 5.16 lbs, 2nd Place Big Fish with a 4.84 lb catch and the 3rd one coming in at 3.20 lbs. 2nd Place Individual was current leader of the pack, Mark Angelle with a nice 8.77 lb total weight. Randall Robinson captured 3rd with his 6.51 lb weight, Jim Walton's 6.39 lb catch put him in the 4th spot. Sitting in 5th was with a 2 fish bag was Daniel Bryant with a 5.79 lb total. And believe it or not, rounding out the Top Six was Al Perry with 2 fish coming in at 5.66 lbs. Again, pretty impressive overall tournament. Don't forget our annual HOT/GUEST tournament is in June, try to hook up with a friend or family member if possible, let's get a good turnout for this event.


The Rest of the Individual Weights: 7th-Doc Bryant-5.44 lbs, 8th-Tim (I'm back) Choate-5.09 lbs, 9th-Joe(What !) Phillips-2.99 lbs, 10th-David Hamner-2.88 lbs, 11th-Bubba Patin-2.26 lbs, 12th-Gene Guidry-2.23 lbs, 13th-Scott Duplantis-2.19 lbs, 14th-Bryan "The Guide" Tabor-2.17 lbs, 15th-Sonny Bajat-1.65 lbs, 16th-Austin Smith-1.55 lbs, 17th-Jason Moss-1.50 lbs, 18th-Paul Barnes-1.41 lbs, 19th-Brian Lantier-1.03 lbs, 20th-Tie-Bryant Hipp, Randy Prejean, Ricky Duhon, Keith Thibodeaux and Elmer Savoie, The Poor Me Club with 0.00 lbs...

The really odd thing about the weights was that no 3 or 4 lb stringers were brought in, it went from 5 lbs and up then down to 2 lbs and lower.


Top Six Teams: Lawrence & Doc with 18.64 lbs, 2nd-Mark & Geno with 11.00 lbs, 3rd-Randall & Jason had 8.01 lbs, 4th-Tim & David Hamner with 7.97 lbs, 5th-Bryan Tabor & Al with 7.83 lbs and 6th-Austin & Daniel had 7.34 lbs.

Remaining Teams: 7th-Jim & Bryant Hipp-6.39 lbs, 8th-Sonny & Joe-4.64 lbs. 9th-Scott & Bubba-4.45 lbs, 10th-Short Day Team of Paul & Ricky-1.41 lbs, 11th-Randy & Brian Lantier-1.03 lbs, 12th-Keith & Elmer with zilch, nada, zero, naught.


Big Bass: We had many large ones today. Lawrence 5.16 & 4.84 lbs, Doc-4.34 lbs, Daniel-4.20 lbs, Al-3.46 lbs, Jim-3.26 lbs and Lawrence again with a 3.20 lb bass.


Overall totals for the club: 34 fish weighed in for a total of 78.61 lbs and an average weight of 2.31 lbs.


Toledo Bend

April 15, 16, 2016


Record setting event !!

April once again provides AOC with another record breaking month. As you may remember, last April, Mark Angelle hooked 20.38 lbs of largemouth to set a new record for Individual 2 day total weight, along with that AOC also broke the total weight for a 2 day event with 277.38 lbs and an average weight of 3.06 lbs per fish. Mark and partner Bubba Patin have knocked on the door 3 times in the past only to come up short of the Team total weight record for a 2 day tournament. They finally opened the door by catching 36.57 lbs to surpass the 7 year old record held by Devin Lantier & Randy Prejean of 35.97 lbs. Congratulations guys !!!

God blessed us once again with some pretty good fish catching weather and a safe trip to and from Tbend. The top 6 teams brought in 23+ lbs of fish, along with some really BIG fish. 2 six pounders were brought in with Mark leading the parade with a nice 6.94 lb keeper on Saturday. Lawrence Brunet bagged a 6.54 lb fish on Friday and Devin Lantier hooked a 5.75 lb bass on Saturday.


TEAMS: Day 1 Leaders-Austin Smith & Paul Barnes with 17.33 lbs. 2nd-Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet with 16.91 lbs, 3rd-Mark Angelle & Bubba had 16.83 lbs. Day 2-Mark & Bubba with 19.74 lbs, 2nd-Randy & Devin with 17.27 lbs, 3rd-12.42 lbs. Overall Leaders: Mark & Bubba-36.57 lbs, 2nd-Randy & Devin-29.75 lbs and 3rd-Austin & Paul with 28.53 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 4th-Lawrence & Al-28.19 lbs, 5th-Tommy Kilpatrick & Ricky Duhon-27.36 lbs, 6th-Charlie Kibbe & Doc Bryant-23.80 lbs, 7th-Bryan Tabor & Keith Thibodeaux-15.11 lbs, 8th-Brian Dumas & Tim Choate-12.35 lbs, 9th-Jim Walton & Joe Phillips-12.10 lbs, 10th-Scott Duplantis & Hunter Thibodeaux-11.73 lbs, 11th-Sonny Bajat & Elmer Savoie-8.88 lbs and 12th-Geno Guidry & Jason Moss-8.25 lbs.


Top Six Individuals: 1st-Mark Angelle with 20.07 lbs, 2nd-Lawrence Brunet had 17.17 lbs, 3rd-Devin Lantier with 16.60 lbs, 4th-Bubba Patin caught 16.50 lbs, 5th-Austin Smith had 14.98 lbs and 6th-Tommy Kilpatrick with 14.41 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Charlie Kibbe-14.26 lbs, 8th-Paul Barnes-13.55 lbs, 9th-Doc Bryant-13.33 lbs, 10th-Randy Prejean-13.25 lbs, 11th-Ricky Duhon-12.42 lbs, 12th-Al Perry-11.28 lbs, 13th-Jim Walton-9.34 lbs, 14th-Brian Dumas-8.75 lbs, 15th-Keith Thibodeaux-8.16 lbs, 16th-Elmer Savoie-7.94 lbs, 17th-Bryan Tabor-6.95 lbs, 18th-Hunter Thibodeaux-6.11 lbs, 19th-Scott Duplantis-5.62 lbs, 20th-Jason Moss-4.56 lbs, 21st-Gene Guidry-3.69 lbs, 22nd-Tim Choate-3.60 lbs, 23rd-Joe Phillips-2.76 lbs and 24th-Sonny Bajat-0.94, very close to being in the "Poor Me" Club.


Big Fish:1st- Mark Angelle-6.94 lbs, 2nd-Lawrence Brunet-6.54 lbs, 3rd-Devin Lantier-5.75 lbs...other notables-Austin Smith-4.16lbs, Brian Dumas-3.86 lbs and Ricky Duhon-3.86 lbs...Ricky has an eye doctor appointment next week or will remember to bring his eye wear next time out.


Club Stats: We caugth 107 fish that scaled in at 246.24 lbs and an average weight of 2.31 lbs.


Local Alternative

April 16, 2016

Uh, lets see here...David Hebert & Raun Manuel paired up and Billy Babineaux & John Soileau also paired up, all fished Henderson and what we have heard, all are still out there trying to boat a bass...zilch for all !!  Congratulations on showing up and fishing hard...



Lake Fausse Point

March 19, 2016


Not as bad as some expected it to be !!

Muddy water, high water, high winds..How many excuses can we come up with ?? lol...Top Six Teams:Made no difference to Paul Barnes and Bubba Patin as they layed claim to 1st Place with 5 fish coming in at 12.94 lbs. Mark Angelle & Joe Phillips hooked up to take 2nd Place with their 3 fish total of 7.20 lbs. 3rd Place belonged to Randall Robinson & John Soileau with 3 fish scaling in at 6.99 lbs. Lawrence Brunet paired up with Ricky Duhon to take 4th Place with 2 fish weighing 5.64 lbs...Austin Smith & Al Perry finished 5th with their 3 fish total weight of 5.14 lbs. Randy Prejean & Robert Gordon rounded out the Top Six with their 2 fish total of 2.85 lbs. Top Six Individual: Mark Angelle with 7.20 lbs for 1st Place, Paul hooked 2nd with 7.11 lbs, 3rd Place had Randall Robinson with 6.99 lbs. Sitting in 4th with 5.83 lbs was Bubba Patin, 5th belonged to Lawrence with 5.64 lbs and Austin Smith took 6th with 4.13 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Billy Babineaux & Elmer Savoie with 2.55 lbs, 8th-Scott Duplantis & David Hamner had 2.50 lbs and a 3 way tie for 9th with 0.00 lbs, Doc & Sonny, David Hebert & Bryan Lantier and Tim Choate & Bryant Hipp.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Scott Duplantis with 2.50 lbs, 8th-Randy Prejean had 1.43 lbs, 9th-Robert Gordon with 1.42 lbs, 10th-Billy Babineaux with 1.28 lbs, 11th-Elmer Savoie with 1.27 lbs and 12th-Al Perry's 1.01 lbs...Tie for 13th-Doc Bryant, Sonny Bajat, David Hamner, John Soileau, Joe Phillips, David Hebert, Bryan Lantier, Tim Choate and Bryant Hipp all 0.00 lbs and members of this months Poor Me Club.


Big Fish: Lawrence Brunet with 3.44 lbs, 2nd-Bubba Patin with 2.90 lbs and Austin Smith 3rd with 2.79 lbs


Club Totals for the day: 22 fish weighed in, total weight of 45.81 lbs and Average weight of 2.08 lbs.


Worthy of noting: Robert Gordon weighed in his first bass fishing with AOC !!  Congrats Robert !!



Chicot-The Reel Deal

February 27, 2016



After a record setting year in March of last year, one that most don't talk about (23 of 28 members scratched) and mostly gloom and doom reports coming in from those pre-fishing Chicot, it dealt us a pleasant surprise (overall). What a beautiful day to be on the water, a little chilly to start but no rain like last year...11 Teams had both memebrs bring in at least 1 fish...Team Event results: Austin Smith and Ricky Duhon punched their way to 1st Place by bringing in 5 fish that scaled in at 16.52 lbs. Nice job guys...Mark Angelle & Derrick Smith paired up to take 2nd with 11.53 lbs of bass, that total was anchored by Mark's Big Fish for the day, a 5.97 lb big one. 3rd Place had Paul Barnes & Raun Manuel's 7.77 lb catch. Lawrence Brunet & Keith Thibodeaux worked hard to capture 4th with a 7.12 lb total weight. David Hebert & John Soileau sacked 6.82 lbs to take 5th and Brian (Guide for the day) Dumas & Bryan Lantier completed the Top Six with their 5.46 lbs of bass. Now to the Individual Results: Mark's 5.97 lb big fish helped ring up a total weight of 9.70 lbs to garner 1st Place honors. Austin's 8.42 lb bag came in 2nd followed by partner, Ricky Duhon's 8.10 lb catch for 3rd. Bryan Lantier stuck 3 fish for his 4th Place finish, that total was 5.46 lbs. Raun Manuel bagged 3 keepers for 5th with 5.17 lbs. Rounding out the Top Six was David Hebert's 4.94 lbs of largemouth bass.


The Rest of the Teams: 7th-Charlie Kibbe & Bubba Patin-3.91 lbs, 8th-Tim Choate & Al Perry-1.83 lbs, 9th-Bryant Hipp & Larry Bedell-1.44 lbs, 10th-Bryan Tabor & Dave Winder-1.35 lbs, 11th- Jim Walton & Joe Phillips- 0.99 lbs and Tie for 12th-Scott Duplantis & Billy Babineaux, David Hamner & Elmer Savoie, Hunter Thibodeaux & Doc Bryant, Randy Prejean & Robert Gordon & Bob Gaudet & Tony Deshotels...zilch !!!


The Rest of the Individuals:7th-Lawrence Brunet-4.31 lbs, 8th-Keith Thibodeaux-2.81 lbs, 9th-Paul Barnes-2.60 lbs, 10th-Bubba Patin-2.46 lbs, 11th-John Soileau-1.88 lbs, 12th-Tie-Derrick Smith & Al Perry-1.83 lbs, 14th-Charlie Kibbe-1.45 lbs, 15th-Bryant Hipp-1.44 lbs, 16th-Dave Winder-1.35 lbs, 17th-Jim Walton's 0.99 lb fish (and proud of it).


Big Fish: Mark Angelle's 5.97 lb fish took 1st, Ricky Duhon's 4.25 lb fish was 2nd and Austin Smith's 3.75 fish was 3rd.


Club Totals: 31 fish weighed in at 62.86 lbs for an average weight of 2.28 lbs...Better than Toledo Bends Oct. average.




January 23, 2016


Least or Beast !!! Yes is was a little chilly, even at 8 AM...however, if you were bundeled up like a baby, you had no problems. Typical Chicot Lake day, a few caught fish, most did not. Beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and pleanty of sunshine to keep you warm.  That is one tough lake and looks like there is a new demon to face, the pickeral has shown up this year more than in the past and most of those fishing hooked into one or more on the day.  Rickey Duhon got on board with Mark Angelle for the day and the duo hooked into 7.47 lbs of bass to capture the #1 spot and took home Big Fish for the day with a nice 3.64 lb bass.  Close behind in 2nd Place was Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet with 6.63 lbs of bass, anchored by their 3.25 lb big fish. Scott Duplantis fishing alone managed to bring in one bass that scaled in at 1.71 lbs and a 3rd Place finish. Other teams participating on the day and now members of the Poor Me Club for 2016 included these: Paul Barnes & Austin Smith, Sonny Bajat & Gene Guidry, Jim Walton & Joe Phillips, Randy Prejean & Robert Gordon, Tim & Ezra Choate and David Hebert & Doc Bryant.  We are now all hoping for a warmer and good fish catching day on the 27th of February. We know there are some biguns in that place, all we need to do now is catchum...


2015 Tournament Results


Big Bass Bonanza



Great day for fishing, sorry you guys could not make it...a little windy at times but productive for the most part, its always a blessing to enjoy the time on the water and the friendship and fellowship to go along with it. We ended up with 10 teams showing up to fish for that huge pay day...a big thank you for those of you that brought someone outside the club or participated as a team and not being a member, hope to see you on the water in the near future.

Lawrence Brunet and Al Perry paired up for the day and Lawrence continued showing why he has wrapped up another Angler of the Year title and he stuck a nice 4.79 lb largemouth bass and a 1st Place finish on the day...strange thing happening at the weigh in...the first team weighed a fish that scaled in at 2.28 lbs(Doc Bryant and Charlie Kibbe), the second team(Mark Angelle & Taylan Broussard) dropped their fish into the basket and 2.28 lbs as well...then the third team (Tim & Ezra Choate) weigh their fish and it came in at 2.28 lbs...nah, not really but it did come in at 2.27 lbs...Scott Duplantis and partner Ben, took 2nd Place with a nice 2.72 lb fish...others participating Jim Walton and Sonny Bajat with 1.54 lbs, Paul Mouissett and his grandson, Jackson LeBlanc with 1.51 lbs...Rickey Duhon & Trent, J.T. Hebert and his dad Jed and Austin Smith did not bring a fish to the scales.


Stephensville: High / Low 

Nov. 21, 2015


Typical Weatherman Prediction-Off by a mile. What started out as a beautiful day turned miserable in a couple of hours. Of course that did not stop 6 teams from sticking it out the entire day. 2 teams departed early, pretty smart move guys. Can you say record setting day !!!  Lawrence Brunet stretched his hold on the Angler of the Year for the 4th year in a row, a record. Should we mention that he and Russell Dorion also set a club record for pounds caught by a team for a 1 day event. A whopping 20.68 lb total previously held by Jim Walton & Robert Giles, that total was 19.20 lbs.


Top Six Teams: 1. Lawrence Brunet & Russell Dorion claimed 1st Place with there 20.68 catch, both had their limit. 2.Jim Walton hooked up with Doc Bryant for a 11.14 lb catch. 3rd Place showed Austin Smith paired with Gene Guidry to catch 6.52 lbs. 4. Scott Duplantis & Ricky Duhon nabbed 5.08 lbs. 5. Mark Angelle & Al Perry with 3.72 lbs of bass and 6th showed Paul Barnes & David Hebert with 3.62 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Tie-Randy Prejean & Sonny Bajat, Tim Choate & Jason Moss with naught point naught, naught.


Top Six Individuals: Points leader Lawrence Brunet with a whopping 13.74 lb stringer of fish. 2. Russell Dorion with 6.94 lbs. 3. Austin Smith hooked 6.52 lbs. 4. Jim Walton with 5.63 lbs  5.Doc Bryant's 5.51 lb total and in 6th, Ricky Duhon's 3.98 lb. total


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Mark Angelle with 3.72 lbs. 8th-Paul Barnes had 3.62 lbs  9th-Scott Duplantis totaled 1.10 lbs and 11th-Tie-The Poor Me Club of David Hebert, Al Perry, Gene Guidry, Sonny Bajat, Randy Prejean, Tim Choate and Jason Moss did not put a fish in the livewell other than their partners.


Big Fish: Lawrence Brunet had 3 big ones, 5.32 lbs and 4.29 lbs, the 3rd one was 4.13...


Tournament Totals: 24 fish caught on the day for a total weight of 50.76 lbs and average weight of 2.12 lbs.



Toledo Bend Reservoir 

Oct. 23 & 24, 2015


What a great weekend of fishing for the club. Nice catches were recorded by members with most of the fish being caught on the south end of the lake. Bites varied from Top Water to Crankbaits to Carolina Rigs to Senko's to Texas Rigged baits and who knows what else. The Burn Ban for Louisiana has been lifted thanks to Momma Nature. You know its rained a lot when the inside of your rainsuit is wetter than the outside. The Friday night feed was pretty good to with Chicken Kabobs the size of Texas on the menu and with all the trimmings and topped off with Banana Pudding.


Top Six Teams: Paul Barnes hooked up with Scott Duplantis to nab 1st Place with 27.39 lbs of fish, Bryan Tabor paired up with Raun Manuel to hook 2nd with their 24.65 lb bag. 3rd Place had Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry with their 23.75 lb catch for the day. Sitting in 4th was the team of Jim Walton & Joe Phillips with 21.96 lbs, 5th Place team of Austin Smith & Marc McIntyre with 21.59 lbs of bass. Devin Lantier & Randy Prejean filled the Top Six with their 17.97 lb total.  Day 1 Leaders were Paul & Scott with their 16.34 lb sack of fish. Day 2 Leaders were Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet with a 13.57 lb catch.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Shawn Marcell & Jason Moss with 15.80 lbs, 8th-Hunter Thibodeaux 15.55 lbs, 9th-Tim Choate & Brian Dumas had 15.17 lbs, 10th-Gene Guidry with 13.67 lbs, 11th-Elmer Savoie & Sonny Bajat with 13.60 lbs. 12th-Mark Angelle & Bubba Patin had 9.59 lbs. 13th-Ricky Duhon with 7.66 lbs. 14th-Larry Bedell & Doc Bryant with 3.85 lbs.


NOTE: Hunter & Guest Daniel Bryant fished together and tallied 38.44 lbs of fish which would have been a new club record for a 2 day Team total. Also, Gene Guidry fished with Guest Jim Hunter and would have had a total weight of 22.98 lbs. Ricky fished with former member/Guest, Tommy Kilpatrick and would have had a 21.85 lb. weight. And Mark & Bubba were disqualified on day 1 and would have had 19.74 lbs.  


Individual Top Six: 1-5 lb fish each day allowed Jim Walton to squeeze by Paul Barnes and lay claim to 1st Place with his 18.77 lb total weight. Paul had 18.73 lbs to take 2nd Place. 3rd belonged to up and coming new member, Hunter Thibodeaux with his 15.55 lb catch, by the way, he was 1 fish short of a six fish limit. Lawrence Brunet took 4th with a 14.55 lb total. 5th Place showed Gene Guidry with his 13.67 lb 2 day total. Raun Manuel took 6th with his 13.63 lb total.


NOTE: Guest Daniel Bryant would have set a new record for Individual Total Weight for 2 days by catching 22.89 lbs. of bass. Guest Jim Hunter tallied 13.67 lbs, Guest Tommy Kilpatrick totaled 14.19 lbs of bass.


The Rest of the Pack: 7th-Marc McIntyre had 11.85 lbs, 8th-Bryan Tabor 10.82 lbs 9th-Tim Choate with 10.41 lbs, 10th-Devin Lantier 10.36 lbs, 11th-Austin Smith had 9.74 lbs, 12th-Jason Moss 9.73 lbs, 13th-Al Perry with 9.20 lbs, 14th-Scott Duplantis 8.66 lbs, 15th-Ricky Duhon 7.66 lbs, 16th-Randy Prejean with 7.61 lbs, 17th- Sonny Bajat 7.39 lbs. 18th-Elmer Savoie with 7.21 lbs 19th-Mark Angelle 6.53 lbs, 20th-Shawn Marcell with 6.07 lbs, 21st-Brian Dumas 4.01 lbs, 22nd-Doc Byrant with 3.85 lbs, 23rd-Joe Phillips with 3.19 lbs, 24th-Bubba Patin 3.06 lbs. Poor Me Club this month with Mr. Lonely, Larry Bedell


Big Bass: 1st-Jim Walton 5.36 lbs and takes over Big Fish for the year. 2nd-Jim Walton 5.10 lbs, 3rd-Paul Barnes with 5.04 lbs. Other notable fish: Guest Daniel Bryant had a 5.25 lb fish, Guest Jim Hunter had a 4.96 lb bass, Hunter Thibodeaux had a 4.76 lb fish and Gene Guidry had a 4.38 lb bass. Al Perry had a 10 lb choupique...


Tournament Totals: 109 Bass caught for a total weight of 237.19 lbs and average weight of 2.18 lbs.

 NOTE: That total ranks as the 6th highest 2 Day total. 1st is this years 277.38 lbs caught in April. 2nd is 3/11 total of 273.05 lbs. 3rd is our 3/13 total of 269.73 lbs, 4th has our 3/12 weight of 256.49 lbs, followed by the 5th place weight of 3/09 weight at 253.23 lbs. Notice all of those weights were recorded in March, this months 237.19 lbs is the highest October total ever recorded.

Also, check this out. Had the 3 Guests been members and Mark & Bubba's 1st day weight counted, we would have set another record with a 293.77 lb total. Pretty awesome weekend for all of us.


Now for the TBA results held at Henderson by those that could not make the Toledo Bend trip.

Billy Babineaux bagged a pair of keepers to take 1st Place with 2.62 lbs. He also had Big Fish for the day with a 1.56 lb bass. 2nd Place had David Hebert and Carl Bourque with 2.32 lbs of fish. David took 2nd Place Big Fish with a 1.19 lb fish.



Bayou Amy Landing 

Sept. 26, 2015


Beautiful day for fishing !! A little cloud cover late morning to keep it cool, we are and were blessed on the day. Except for the 63 million mosquitoes awaiting to feast on the Anglers of Christ, yes it was a good day. Talk about a tight race for 1st Place in the Team Event as .20 lbs separted the Top 3 Teams. Things are getting tight for the AOY race as Lawrence Brunet inched a little closer to Mark Angelle's lead. Of course Toledo Bend is waiting in the wings for our arrival in October and only God knows whats in store for us. Of course the possibility of some giant stringers is always possible at the Bend.


Top Six Teams: 1. Mark Angelle hooked up with Ricky Duhon to capture 1st Place. Each had a 3 fish limit with a total team weight of 10.28 lbs. 2. David Hebert & Elmer Savoie each bagged a limit with a 10.10 lb catch. 3rd Place showed Lawrence Brunet  & Jason Moss coming in at 10.08 lbs. 4. Paul Barnes & Gene Guidry  hooked 7.45 lbs. 5. Austin Smith & Billy Babineaux with 7.42 lbs of bass and 6th had Jim Walton & Larry Bedell's 7.02 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Scott Duplantis & Keith Thibodeaux with 6.89 lbs. 8th-David Hamner & Bubba Patin had 6.75 lbs. 9th-Brian Dumas & Hunter Thibodeaux with 5.74 lbs. 10th-Randy Prejean & Doc Bryant with 5.39 lbs and 11th-Bryan Tabor & Al Perry with 3.67 lbs.


Top Six Individuals: Lawrence Brunet lead the pack with a nice 8.50 lb stringer of fish. 2. Mark Angelle sacked 6.66 lbs. 3. Elmer Savoie hooked 5.91 lbs. 4. Austin Smith's 5.15 lb total 5. Paul Barnes with 4.14 lbs and rounding out the Top Six was Hunter Thibodeaux with 4.54 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Tie-David Hebert & Scott Duplantis with 4.19 lbs. 9th-David Hamner with 3.78 lbs  10th-Jim Walton had 3.74 lbs and 11th-Al Perry with 3.67 lbs. 12th-Ricky Duhon had 3.62 lbs. 13th-Larry Bedell with 3.28 lbs. 14th-Doc Bryant with 3.25 lbs. 15th-Bubba Patin-2.97 lbs. 16th-Keith Thibodeaux with 2.70 lbs. 17th-Gene Guidry had 2.68 lbs. 18th-Billy Babineaux 2.27 lbs. 19th-Randy Prejean with 2.14 lbs. 20th-Jason Moss with 1.58 lbs. 21st-Brian Dumas with 1.20 lbs and 22nd-Poor Me Club-Bryan Tabor with naught, point, naught, naught.


Big Fish: Mark Angelle stuck a 3.27 lb bass for 1st Place. 2nd Place was Lawrence Brunet with a 3.07 lb fish. Billy Babineaux had a 2.17 lb bass for 3rd..  


Tournament Totals: 50 fish caught on the day for a total weight of 80.79 lbs and average weight of 1.62 lbs.


Basin-Myette Point Landing 

August 29, 2015


At long last the Basin was finally fishable. Reports of members catching 50 fish or more on the day were quite common. Though not many big ones were caught, the activity sure kept you on your toes. Members traveled from Bayou Boutte to Moma's Pond on the day. New members Keith & Hunter Thibodeaux (Father & Son) scored well as Hunter & Devin Lantier each caught a limit to take 1st Place on the day. Keith also did well as he paired up with Lawrence Brunet to capture 2nd Place.


Top Six Teams: 1st-As mentioned, Hunter & Devin with 11.57 lbs, 2nd-Lawrence & Keith with 12.51 lbs, 3rd-Jim Walton & Jason Moss had 8.31 lbs, 4th-Mark Angelle & Doc Bryant with 8.06 lbs, 5th-Austin Smith & Larry Bedell had 8.01 lbs, 6th-Brian Dumas & Elmer Savoie with 7.38 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Tim Choate & Marc McIntyre 7.01 lbs, 8th-David Hebert & Bubba Patin with 5.63 lbs, 9th-David Hamner & Daniel Bryant had 4.19 lbs, 10th-Paul Barnes & Russell Dorion with 2.38 lbs, 11th-Billy Babineaux & Ricky Duhon-0.94 lbs, 12th-Tie-Al Perry & Randy Prejean-Gene Guidry & Scott Duplantis-0.00 lbs.


Individual Top Six: 1st-Mark Angelle 6.81 lbs, 2nd-Hunter Thibodeaux-6.69 lbs, 3rd-Lawrence Brunet 6.07 lbs, 4th-Keith Thibodeaux 5.44 lbs, 5th-Austin Smith 5.07 lbs, 6th-Tim Choate 4.95 lbs.


The Rest of the Pack: 7th-Devin Lantier 4.88 lbs, 8th-Jim Walton 4.81 lbs 9th-David Hebert 4.69 lbs, 10th-Elmer Savoie 4.13 lbs, 11th-Jason Moss 3.50 lbs, 12-Brian Dumas 3.25 lbs, 13th-Larry Bedell 2.94 lbs, 14th-Marc McIntyre-2.06 lbs, 15th-Doc Bryant 1.25 lbs, 16th-Tie-Russell Dorion & Paul Barnes 1.19 lbs, 18th-David Hamber 1.06 lbs and 19th-Tie-Bubba Patin & Ricky Duhon 0.94 lbs, 21st-Tie-Poor Me Club-Billy Babineaux, Al Perry, Randy Prejean, Scott Duplantis & Gene Guidry.


Big Bass: 1st-Elmer Savoie 4.13 lbs, 2nd-Mark Angelle 3.19 lbs, 3rd-Tie-Austin Smith & Keith Thibodeaux-2.88 lbs.


Tournament Totals: 42 Bass caught for a total weight of 71.86 lbs and average weight of 1.71 lbs.


Henderson-Cypress Cove Landing

July 18, 2015


Most of you remember workout guru RIchard Simmons from a few years past and his famous "Sweating to the Hits"...well that is exactly what AOC faced on one of the hottest days of the year...A lot of sweating and very few hits, resulting in the 50/50 deal...Half caught half didn't...Someone please have a chat with Mother Nature to see if you would "give us a break"...2 months in a row and no Basin...Well, lets look at the overall picture, better results than the Chicot tournament. 

Top Six Teams: 1. Lawrence Brunet & Russell Dorion had a good early morning top water bite that resulted in the duo ringing up 5.26 lbs of bass. 2. Mark Angelle & Elmer Savoie punched there way for a 4.07 lb catch. 3rd place belonged to Jim Walton & Raun Manuel as the pair boated 3 fish coming in at 3.50 lbs. 4. Austin Smith & Doc Bryant  hooked 3.19 lbs. 5. Tim Choate & Bubba "I broke my new rod" Patin had 2.12 lbs of largemouth and 6th showed Paul Barnes & Gene Guidry with 1.88 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Ricky Duhon & David Hebert with 1.25 lbs. 8th-Tie-Jason Moss & Brian Dumas, Randy Prejean & Robert Gordon, J.T. Hebert & Joe Phillips had 1.06 lbs. 11th-Tie-Scott Duplantis & Al Perry, Sonny Bajat & Marc McIntyre had 0.00 lbs.


Top Six Individuals: Lawrence Brunet continued working his way up the ladder with 5.26 lbs of fish. 2. Austin Smith sacked 3.19 lbs. 3. Mark Angelle hooked 2.88 lbs. 4. Jim Walton's 2.25 lb total 5. Tim Choate with 2.12 lbs and completing the Top Six was Paul Barnes with 1.88 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Tie-Ricky Duhon, Raun Manuel with 1.25 lbs. 9th-Elmer Savoie with 1.19 lbs  10th-Tie-Jason Moss, Randy Prejean and J.T. Hebert had 1.06 lbs and 11th-Tie-Poor Me Club of: Russell Dorion, Doc Bryant, Bubba Patin, Gene Guidry, David Hebert, Brian Dumas, Robert Gordon, Joe Phillips, Scott Duplantis, Al Perry, Sonny Bajat and Marc McIntyre all had 0.00 lbs.


Big Fish:  Austin Smith with 1.94 lbs. 2nd Place was Lawrence Brunet with a 1.88 lb fish. Mark Angelle had a 1.75 lb bass for 3rd..  


Tournament Totals: 19 fish caught on the day for a total weight of 24.95 lbs and average weight of 1.28 lbs.



Summertime Tour

Patterson/Bayou Teche

June 27, 2015


Well moving to Patterson for June was a good idea...for some...hahahaha...How quick things can change, thank you WLF for spoiling an outing for some by spraying those water hycinths...Hey, some of us have to have a good excuse for not doing well. Quite a mixture of water conditions, stained, good and then somewhat clear. As before, the cream did come to the top as Tim Choate and Gene Guidry chalked up a victory on the day. Thank God for keeping us safe on the water as well as keeping us dry. And of course a BIG THANK YOU to the winning team for providing watermelon, setting up the tent and table at the weigh in. 


Top Six Teams: 1st-Tim Choate & Gene Guidry-12.26 lbs, 2nd-Lawrence Brunet & Elmer Savoie-12.06 lbs, 3rd-Billy Babineaux & Doc Bryant-7.00 lbs, 4th-Brian Dumas & Raun Manuel-6.51 lbs, 5th-Paul Barnes & Bubba Patin-4.76 lbs, 6th-Sonny Bajat & Austin Smith-4.75 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Randy Prejean & Robert Gordon-4.00 lbs, 8th-Mark Angelle & Al Perry-3.49 lbs, 9th-J.T. Hebert & Jason Moss-2.13 lbs, 10th-Joe Phillips & Marc McIntyre-1.25 lbs, 11th-Scott Duplantis & Ricky Duhon-1.06 lbs, 12th-Derrick Smith & Sebastian Smith-0.00 lbs.


Individual Top Six: 1st-Lawrence Brunet-7.87 lbs, 2nd-Tim Choate-7.69 lbs, 3rd-Doc Bryany=5.25 lbs, 4th-Geno Guidry-4.57 lbs, 5th-Elmer Savoie-4.19 lbs, 6th-Randy Prejean-4.00 lbs.


The Rest of the Pack: 7th-Tie-Brian Dumas & Paul Barnes-3.63 lbs, 9th-Mark Angelle-3.49 lbs, 10th-Austin Smith-3.00 lbs, 11th-Raun Manuel-2.88 lbs, 12-Tie-Billy Babineaux & Sonny Bajat-1.75 lbs, 14th-Marc McIntyre-1.25 lbs, 15th-Jason Moss-1.19 lbs, 16th-Bubba Patin-1.13 lbs, 17th-Scott Duplantis-1.06 lbs, 18th-J.T. Hebert-0.94 lbs and 19th-Tie-Poor Me Club-Robert Gordon, Al Perry, Joe Phillips, Derrick Smith & Ricky Duhon.


Big Bass: 1st-Tim Choate-3.44 lbs, 2nd-Lawrene Brunet-3.31 lbs, 3rd-Austin Smith-3.00 lbs.


Tournament Totals: 57 Bass caught for a total weight of 59.27 lbs and average weight of 1.60 lbs.



"HOT" Tournament/Guest

Henderson Lake

May 16, 2015


Fishing was HOT for some, cool for others and downright chilly for the "poor me club".  27 teams entered for the Annual HOT tournament this year. Hero Hunts will receive all money raised for the event. As of now, we are in the $1200 range with the possibility of addtional donations coming in. A big THANK YOU to all that participated, helped out in some way and especially to Hero Hunts for their help and of course to Superior Trolling Motors for the white beans, sausage and rice...YUMMY !!  Thanks to Gulf Coast for their donations as well. Thank God for another beautiful day on the water, while most thought we were going to get wet, God provided a shield of goodness over us and blessed us with some great fellowship as well.


Top Six Teams: Former member Brooks Webre fishing alone, hooked 6 keepers to take 1st Place with 10.13 lbs. 2nd Place belonged to Lawrence Brunet & Gene Guidry with their 10.08 lbs of bass. 3rd was the father and son team of Tim & Ezra Choate with a total weight of 9.98 lbs. 4th Place was another father son duo of Mark & Mark Jr, the Angelle's, with a 9.48 lb limit. 5th had Bubba Patin & guest Buster Dupuis with 3.96 lbs total weight. 6th Place had the Duhon brothers, Ricky & Alfred with a 3.60 lb total.


Remaining Teams: 7th Place-Paul Barnes & Doc Bryant 2.92 lbs. 8th-Austin Smith & Todd Babin-2.82 lbs. 9th-Bryan Tabor & Andy Arnaud with 2.36 lbs. 10th-Billy Babineaux & Ray Kovacs with 2.22 lbs. 11th-Bill Ledoux & John Meinerz with1.80 lbs. 12th-Damon Keely & Angela Stout with 1.79 lbs. 13th-David Ellis & Robert Lawrence with 1.45 lbs. 14th-Raun Manuel & Jeff Robert with 1.10 lbs. 15th-Jim Walton & Mike Dupuis had 1.08 lbs. 16th-Randall & Luke Robinson with 0.97 lbs.


Top Six Individuals: 1st-Lawrence Brunet-6.75 lbs. 2nd-Tim Choate-6.27 lbs. 3rd-Mark Angelle-5.49 lbs. 4th-Ricky Duhon-3.60 lbs. 5th-Austin Smtih-2.82 lbs. 6th-Bryan Tabor-2.36 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Billy Babineaux-2.22 lbs. 8th-Paul Barnes-1.70 lbs. 9th-Bubba Patin-1.65 lbs. 10th-Doc Bryant-1.22 lbs. 11th-Raun Manuel- 1.10 lbs. 12th-Jim Walton-1.08 lbs. 13th-Randall Robinson-0.97 lbs.

Poor Me Club-Gene Guidry, Al Perry, Marc McIntyre, David Hamner, David Hebert, Shawn Marcell, Sonny Bajat, Randy Prejean, Robert Gordon, Scott Duplantis, all rang up 0.00 lbs.


Big Fish: Brooks Webre had a 2.90 lb bass for 1st, Austin Smith had a 2.82 lb fish for 2nd and Lawrence Brunet had a 2.68 lb for 3rd.


Tournament Totals: 21 fish totaling 39.23 lbs for an average weight of 1.87 lbs. 




Bigger & More Fish for April

Toledo Bend

April 17,18, 2015



Where do we start ?? I think by thanking a Mighty God for blessing us with a great tournament but even more than that, blessing us with great fishing weather. After seeing all the weather predictions for the 4 days we were there, most figured the rainsuits would become our best friend. Reports of 70 to 100% chance of rain for the entire time turned out to be completly opposite as God blessed our fishing time with cool, comfortable and DRY weather. Give thanks guys.


Record Breaking tournament for Mark Angelle !! Mark broke the individual 2 day total weight record set in 2007 by Brooks Webre. As a matter of fact, Mark was his partner when the record was set at Sam Rayburn. That total was 20.23 lbs, Mark's total stands at 20.38 lbs. The club caught 91 fish scaling in at 277.38 lbs with an average weight of a whopping 3.06 Avg. Also Mark and Bubba just missed setting a new team record for two days with their 35.72 lb total weight, Randy Prejean & Devin Lantier hold that title with a 35.97 lb weight set in 2009. This is the 3rd time the duo has come close to breaking the record. Hang in there guys, maybe October will do the trick...


By the way, the 277.38 lbs we caught also broke the March 2011 record of 273.05 lbs and the average weight of 3.06 lbs per fish, pretty awesome guys, congratulations.


Top 6 Teams: 1st-Mark Angelle & Bubba Patin, 35.72 lbs, 2nd-Devin Lantier & Randy Prejean, 34.01 lbs, 3rd-Brian Dumas & Tim Choate, 28.86 lbs, 4th-Ricky Duhon & Billy Babineaux, 27.44 lbs, 5th-Paul Barnes & Scott Duplantis, 27.39 lbs and in 6th-Randall Robinson & Bryan Tabor, 24.72 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Jim Walton & Sonny Bajat, 19.24 lbs, 8th-Shawn "Mr. Lonsome" Marcell, 17.07 lbs, 9th-Austin Smith & Jason Moss, 14.81 lbs, 10th-Joe Phillips & Elmer Savoie, 13.29 lbs, 11th-Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry, 12.50 lbs, 12th-Gene Guidry & Russell Dorion, 12.40 lbs, 13th-Larry Bedell & Doc Bryant, 10.86 lbs.


Top 6 Individuals: 1st-Mark Angelle with 20.38 lbs, 2nd-Randy Prejean with 18.48 lbs, 3rd-Shawn Marcell had 17.07 lbs, 4th-Paul Barnes with 17.05 lbs, 5th-Devin Lantier had 15.53 lbs and in 6th-Bubba Patin with 15.34 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Brian Dumas with 14.51 lbs, 8th-Austin Smith had 14.43 lbs, 9th-Tim Choate with 14.35 lbs 10th-Billy Babineaux with 13.94 lbs, 11th-Ricky Duhon with 13.50 lbs, 12th-Jim Walton had 12.98 lbs, 13th-Randall Robinson with 12.93 lbs, 14th-Elmer Savoie with 10.91 lbs, 15th-Lawrence Brunet had 10.84 lbs, 16th-Scott Duplantis with 10.34 lbs, 17th-Bryan Tabor with 9.86 lbs, 18th-Larry Bedell had 9.80 lbs, 19th-Gene Guidry had 9.46 lbs, 20th-Sonny Bajat with 6.26 lbs...and now "The Poor Me Club": 21st-Russell Dorion with 2.94 lbs, 22nd-Joe Phillips had 2.38 lbs, 23rd-Al Perry with 1.66 lbs, 24th-Jason Moss with 1.38 lbs and 25th-Doc Bryant had 1.06 lbs...


Big Fish: Austin Smith took over the lead for the year with a 5.19 lb bass. Brian Dumas had a 4.90 lb fish, Tim Choate had a 4.17 lb largemouth, Elmer Savoie hooked a 3.96 lb bass and Jim Walton had a 3.85 lb bass.


Tournament Totals: 91 fish totaling 277.38 lbs for an average weight of 3.06 lbs. This is a new record for total 2 day weight by the club. 


"Big Fish Lake for March"

Chicot Lake

March 21, 2015


Not much to report on...The End !!!


Chicot has produced many record setting days for AOC, one still stands. Daniel Bryant had a 3 fish limit weighing 15.56 lbs in 2011. That trend continued for this month's trip as well. Of the 28 anglers on the water, 23 scratched. That is one record we did not expect and one that we soon want to forget !! Thank goodness we had 4 people drop out otherwise the number would have been higher. That should give us some material for the banquet next year....

On the bright side, Paul Barnes continued his winning ways with a total weight of 7.14 lbs of fish to take a commanding lead in the standings for Angler of the Year. Paul also had Big Fish for the day with a 4.37 lb bass.


Top Six Teams: Okay, Top Five Teams: Paul & Jim Walton had 7.41 lbs for 1st Place, 2nd Place had Bryan Tabor & BIL Andy with 5.41 lbs, Lawrence Brunet & Derrick Smith hooked into 4.61 lbs to take 3rd Place. Sitting in 4th was Mark Angelle & Raun Manuel with 1.97 lbs, 5th Place belonged to Randall Robinson & Tim Choate with 1.49 lbs.


Remaining Teams: Tie for 6th Place. Bubba Patin & Scott Duplantis, Larry Bedell & RIcky Duhon, Gene Guidry & Brian Dumas, Shawn Marcell & Bryant Hipp, Sonny Bajat & Jason Moss, Randy Prejean & Robert Gordon, Billy Babineaux & Russell Dorion, Bob Gaudet & David Hamner and J.T. Hebert & Doc Bryant...0.0000000 lbs


Top FIve Individuals: Paul Barnes with 7.14 lbs, Bryan Tabor with 5.41 lbs, Lawrence Brunet with 4.61 lbs, Mark Angelle with 1.97 lbs and Randall Robinson with 1.49 lbs.


Remaining Individuals: Tie for 6th Place: Jim Walton, Derrick Smith, Raun Manuel, Tim Choate, Bubba Patin, Scott Duplantis, Larry Bedell, RIcky Duhon, Gene Guidry, Brian Dumas, Shawn Marcell, Bryant Hipp, Sonny Bajat, Jason Moss, Randy Prejean, Robert Gordon, Billy Babineaux, Russell Dorion, Bob Gaudet, David Hamner, J.T. Hebert and Doc Bryant all had 0.00000 lbs


Big Fish: Paul Barnes with a 4.37 lbs bass


Tournament Totals: 11 fish totaling 20.62 lbs for an average weight of 1.87 lbs. (This might be another record) hahahaha





"It's Time To Hook Into Some Points"

Lake Fausse Point/Marshfield Landing

February 21, 2015


There is an old saying that goes something like this: March winds brings April showers which brings May's flowers...Baloney, those March winds came marching in a little early this year. It was hard to find a "quite spot" at Fausse Point. God did however spare us from the rain that was predicted for the day. It was an up and down day, well, more down than up for the majority of us. There is always a bright side to things as Paul Barnes & Doc Bryant can attest to. Tim Choate surely is singing a happy tune as he hooked a huge bass on the day. 14 teams were set to go until the last minute when 3 dropped out leaving us with 11 teams.


Top Six Teams: As mentioned, Paul & Doc walloped the bass for a nice 13.54 lb victory stringer. They caught on creature baits in red and black/blue colors. 2nd Place belonged to Mark Angelle & guest Damon Keely with a nice bag scaling in at 9.05lbs. Most of their fish came on beaver baits and Tiki sticks. Hooking 3rd was J.T. Hebert & guest Greig Prejean with 6.01 lbs of bass. 4th Place had Jim Walton & Russell Dorion with their 5.86 lb total. Sitting in 5th was Tim Choate & Jason Moss with 5.16 lbs of largemouth bass. Completing the Top Six was the duo of Brian Dumas & Bubba Patin with 4.30 lbs.


Remaining Teams: 7th-Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry with 4.24 lbs. 8th Sonny Bajat & Raun Manuel with 4.00 lbs. 9th Joe Phillips & Ricky Duhon with 3.48 lbs 10th-Billy Babineaux & Elmer Savoie had 1.61 lbs and 11th-Austin Smith & Carl Darbonne had 0.00 lbs.


Top Six Individuals: Paul Barnes lead the pack with 8.10 lbs, Mark Angelle's 7.50 lb bag took 2nd Place. 3rd Place had Doc Bryant's 5.44 lbs. Tim Choate and his 5.16 lb catch took 4th Place. 5th Place was Brian Dumas and his 4.30 lb catch. Rounding out the Top Six was Jim Walton's 4.25 lb bag.


Remaining Individuals: 7th-Lawrence Brunet with 4.24 lbs, 8th-Ricky Duhon had 3.48 lbs, 9th-Sonny Bajat with 2.28 lbs 10th-Raun Manuel with 1.72 lbs, 11th-Tie-Billy Babineaux & Russell Dorion with 1.61 lbs, 13th-J.T. Hebert had 1.43 lbs, 14th-Tie-All with naughts. Joe Phillips, Al Perry, Elmer Savoie, Carl Darbonne, Austin Smith, Bubba Patin and Jason Moss.

Our 2 guests totals were Greig Prejean had 4.58 lbs and Damon Keely with 1.55 lbs


Big Fish: Tim Choate hooked a bigun, 5.16 lbs. Black senko was the secret bait. 2nd Place was Paul Barnes with a nice 3.69 lb fish. Mark Angelle had a 2.80 lb bass for 3rd.  Guest Greig Prejean had a whopper coming in at 4.48 lbs.


Tournament Totals: 26 fish caught on the day for a total weight of 57.25 lbs and average weight of 2.20 lbs.



"Reeling in another year"

Pre-Fish at Lake Fausse Point/Marshfield Landing 

February 7, 2015


Here's what happened on the day, weather was great, little chilly in the morning but warmed up nicely. Lot of muddy water but some descent to be found. Many claim to catch 15 to 20 fish on the day, others are still looking for a bite. It was a great day to be on the water and enjoy some fishing and fellowship.

The Choate boys showed up with victory on their minds and to cash in for the win...


Top Three Teams: Team Choate, Tim & Ezra hooked a nice 3 fish stringer weighing in at 8.52 lbs. Russell Dorion paired up with Wayne Clifton to take 2nd with a 3 fish stringer weighing 7.03 lbs. Mark Angelle & Doc Bryant took 3rd with their 4.27 lb catch.


Remaining Teams: 4th-Austin Smith & Paul Barnes with 3.65 lbs. 5th Sonny Bajat & Marc McInyre with 3.08 lbs. 6th Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet with 2.86 lbs and Tie for 7th Place-Jim Walton & Gene Guidry and Billy Babineaux & Ricky Duhon 0.00 Lbs.


Top Six Individuals: No Individual stats for this tournament.


Big Fish: Tim had a nice 3.64 lb largemouth.


Tournament Totals: 15 fish caught on the day for a total of 29.41 lbs and average weight of 1.96 lbs per fish






Pit Stop #6 for 2020... Yes once again no points awarded,no weights recorded

Toledo Bend for the first time this year...

October 23-24, 2020


Pit Stop #5 for 2020... Yes once again no points awarded,no weights recorded

Myette Point, the return..

September 19, 2020

When you get up at 4 AM to go fishing, turn on the TV and see that the weather channel is saying 20% chance of rain, the thought runs through your mind, I will leave my rainsuit at home, sunshine called for most of the day !! Well, I have learned 2 things from this trip...1. Never trust a weatherman, yes I know, we have said this before...2. Never leave your rainsuit at home, or make sure your boater has 2 in the boat...All 6 teams caught a limit of fish, some nice catches overall...BTW, we have celebrities among us...Joe and Mark fished Bayou Boutte and said Swamp People were filming in Boutte...Look out Hollywood !!! Had quite a group gathered at Charenton, all beached but all got out...
So through that all day drizzle, all teams did pretty good...Leading the pack had Hollywood Joe & Mark with 8.02 lbs of bass, they had a 2.99lb kicker in their bag...Lawrence Brunet paired up with newcomer Barry Faciane to hook into 7.26 lbs of fish with their kicker weighing 3.19 lbs...3rd had the rhyme boys fishing together, Jim & Tim, their Big Bass for the day weighed 3.52 lbs, their total came to 7.16 lbs...Sitting in 4th was Henry Faciane & Chris Warner as they rung the dinner bell at closing time by picking up 5 or 6 fish in the last hour...2.59 was their kicker and their total came to 6.97 lbs...5th had Bryan Tabor pairing up with Al Perry as their bag came in at 5.25 lbs with a 2.66 lb kicker...and 6th had Sonny Bajat fishing with former AOC member J.T. Hebert and they picked up 5.03 lbs of fish with a nice 2.75 lb kicker bass.
Fish were caught on Texas rigged worms, senko's, punching, speed worms and finesse worms and swimjigs...Next month have Toledo Bend on for our yearly October trip, so be ready...

Pit Stop #4 for 2020... Yes once again no points awarded,no weights recorded


August 29, 2020

When you get up at 4 AM to go fishing, turn on the TV and see that the weather channel is saying 90% chance of rain, the thought runs through your mind, I must be losing my mind...again God foiled the plot to get us wet as planned by Mother Nature...Not a drop !!! Big News, looks like Patterson is returning to something normal as all 5 teams caught fish...Oh Roger Dejen brought his new beast to the waters of Patterson...Nice looking Skeeter my brother...What a blessed day for sure...
Hurricane Laura ruined a fishing trip for 6 other teams as some of our members still could not get to their home or still no electricity and one members business was flooded...Keep Henry Faciane and his family in prayer as they continue the recovery process...Hey, Chris Warner got to see Jim Walton put on a show about how to catch some nice bass, Chris did catch a keeper or two as well...They tallied  6.43 lbs of bass to take 1st Place and they took Big Bass for the day with a nice 2.43 lb catch...2nd Place had the dynamic duo of Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet, their catch came in at 4.45 lbs...Ezra did not catch a 6 pounder this month but he and his father Tim Choate hooked 25-30 bass on the day, their total came to 3.77 lbs...Roger and Ricky Duhon, looked, hunted, fished and rode in the new rig and did manage a pair of keepers that weighed 2.25 lbs...And last but not least, Sonny Bajat returned to action with AOC for the first time in quite a while, called Elmer Savoie into action as they rounded up a couple that came in at 2.03 lbs...early exit as the trolling motor got tired and quit working...
Fish were caught on trick worms, senko's, drop shot and speed worms...Next month we show Fausse Point on the schedule, its close to home and will have to see how the weather holds up but I am going to prefish it every week until then...

Pit Stop #3 for 2020... Again no points awarded,no weights recorded

Myette Point/Basin

July 25, 2020

Guys and gals if any are reading this...GOD is an AWESOME GOD. 90-100% chance of rain for the day due to the tropical storm out in the gulf...BUT as He would have it, we stayed dry all day long while on the water...What a beautiful day it turned out to be with some great catches coming into the scales...Of course we have to say "Hats off to our own Ezra Choate with this 6.13 lb bucketmouth he brought in...Congratulations young man and future fireman.
Another unofficial tournament but still a blast to be on the water, for the most part we practiced safety, mask, social distancing etc...
1st Place was garnered by Big Fish Ezra and Ricky Duhon with their 10.39 lb bag of biggies...2nd Place showed Lawrence Brunet & Roger Dejean with a nice 7.52 lbs of bass...Jim Walton & Al Perry paired up to catch a 3 some coming in at 6.19 lbs to take 3rd Place...4th Place had the Faciane Team of Henry and his son and newest AOC member, Barry bringing in 6.02 lbs...5th Place had another Faciane, Jacob and Tim Choate pairing up for 5.92 lbs of bass...6th had Hambone Hamner & Russell Dorion bagging 2 bass coming in at 4.13 lbs...And in 7th Place and pairing up 2 tournaments in a row, Mike McCann & Joe "Cannonball" Phillips with a keeper weighing 1.58 lbs..
Top 3 teams caught on: 6.13 came on Tokyo rig rage craw and flipping worms for 1st Place...2nd caught on the old 1/2 knockout George Foreman rig...3rd caught on brush hogs and senko's...


We are planning to fish Stephensville next month on the 29th...Hey, plan on joining us for some fun, fishing and a little fellowship...


Pit Stop #2 for 2020...Again no points awarded,no weights recorded

Location: Henderson

June 13, 2020

What happened to the recaps for this page, only God knows, a bit windy this day but successful for sure...
Mr. Covid still has us in limbo as we continue our Jackpot tournaments...
Lawrence Brunet & Daniel Beasley tied for  1st with Mark Angelle & Ezra Choate, both teams sacked 7.47 lbs. Brunet & Beasley claimed Big Bass with the 4.08 lb catch..3rd Place showed the dynamic duo of Randy Prejean & Al Perry with their 5.82 lbs of bass...4th had Joe Phillips & Mike McCann with 3 coming in at 4.66 lbs..5th Place has Roger Dejean & Tim Choate with 4.46 lbs of bass. 6th belonged to OH I forgot to bring a life jacket for you, Jim Walton & Russell Dorion and in 7th Place Chris Warner & Ricky Duhon paired up to hook a keeper scaling in at 1.74 lbs...and in 8th Place was Jeremy Durham & Derrick Smith with 0.00 lbs

Pit Stop #1 for 2020...No Points Awarded, No weights recorded !!!

Location: Indian Creek Open Tournament

May 30, 2020

What a blessing to be back on the water, thanking our Heavenly Father for a safe and blessed day...Partly cloudy, a little wind and plenty of jet ski's and tubers on the water, it got plum crazy after 10 AM..
This as mentioned was not an official tournament due to Mr. Covid. So we decided to have an "Open" tournament. Teams paid $20 per boat to fish for the team event plus another $5 each for the BIG FISH jackpot. At the end of the day, most of us were shocked at the weights that were caught...The following is a list of teams and their weights, talk about close:
Al "Birthday Boy" Perry & Lawrence Brunet took 1st with a 2 fish total of 2.19 lbs, a 0.94 and BIG FISH for the day, 1.25 lbs...2nd Place went to Ricky Duhon & Roger Dejean with their 1.03 lb catch, close behind in 3rd was the father/son team of Tim & Ezra Choate with a 1.02 lb large(ok, not so large)mouth bass. Hot on the heals was the duo of Randy Prejean & Elmer Savoie with their 1.01 lb catch..
Hey, $110 for 1st Place, $50 for 2nd and $80 for Big Fish, not bad for a great day of fishing...NOTE: Fishing, not catching.
Other teams that participated were: Chris Warner & Mike McCann, Derrick Smith & Russell Dorion, Henry Faciane & Billy Babineaux and Joe Phillips & Jim Walton...

4th Stop for 2020...HAS BEEN CANCELED !!!

Location: Indian Creek

May 16, 2020

3rd Stop for 2020...HAS BEEN CANCELED !!!

Location: Chicot Lake

April 18, 2020

Second Stop for 2020...HAS BEEN CANCELED !!!

Location: Spring Time On The Bend,Toledo Bend That Is.

March 27 & 28, 2020

High water time again this spring.
Well who is going to be KOTB for this spring fling ??

It's here, the Official Start of the 2020 year...

Location: Miller's Lake

February 15, 2020 

A little on the chilly side to start the day but warmed up quite nicely...Thank God for the enjoyment of what He has blessed us with...Not quite as good as last year's 127 lbs, but still some good numbers were posted.
Hunter Thibodeaux put the pedal to the metal for the AOY title with a nice 14.12 lb stringer, anchored by his 6.55 lb BIG BASS for the day. All the details listed below...
Top Six Teams: Hunter paired up with Elmer Savoie to hook into 4 bass scaling in at 17.31 lbs to take 1st Place...2nd Place had Sonny Bajat & Lawrence Brunet sticking 5 fish at 13.63 lbs, Sitting in 3rd was the duo of Devin Lantier & Jim Walton with 12.58 lbs of bass...4th showed Mark Angelle & Chris Warner with 7.87 lbs, 5th Place belonged Derrick Smith & Daniel Beasley with 7.57 lbs of fish...6th was the team of Daniel Bryant & Jacob Faciane with 6.72 lbs of bass...
Remaining Teams: 7th-Tim Choate with 4.58 lbs of bass., 8th-Had Ezra Choate & Henry Faciane with 4.33 lbs, 9th-Bryan Tabor & Al E. Gator Perry scoring 4.24 lbs of bass, 10th-Ricky Duhon & Keith Thibodeaux boxed 3.36 lbs, 11th-Dwayne Guillot & Joe Phillips with 1.75 lbs, 12th-Roger Dejean & Mike McCann still looking for a keeper...
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-That 14.12 lbs that Hunter caught nailed down the top spot, 2nd Place-Lawrence Brunet hooked 7.76 lbs, 3rd Place was Devin Lantier with 6.48 lbs, 4th-Daniel Beasley with 6.34 lbs, 5th-Jim Walton with 6.10 lbs. and 6th-Sonny Bajat with a pair weighing 5.87 lbs
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Daniel Bryant had 5.68 lbs, 8th-Mark Angelle with 5.39 lbs, 9th-Tim Choate hooked 4.58 lbs 10th-Ezra with 4.38 lbs, 11th-Keith Thibodeaux with 3.36 lbs, 12th-Elmer with 3.19 lbs, 13th-Bryan with 3.14 lbs, 14th-Chris Warner had 2.48 lbs, 15th-Dwayne Guillot with 1.75 lbs, 16th-Derrick Smith had 1.23 lbs, 17th-Al Perry with 1.10 lbs, 18th-Jacob Faciane with 1.04 lbs, 19th-8 way tie for the "Poor Me Club"...Henry, Joe, Ricky, Mike & Roger all with 0.00 lbs.
Big Fish: What a way to kick off the year, Hunter had a beauty, a 6.55 lbder, Sonny Bajat at 80 y.o. proved he can still catch them, a 4.09 lb largemouth and Elmer had a nice 3.09 lb bass...
Club Totals: 36 bass weighing 83.94 lbs of fish, average weight of 2.33 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Punching, senko's, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits and trick worms caught most of the fish...

Kicking off the New Year with our Annual Pre-Fish Event

Location: Patterson/Teche

January 25, 2020


Record setting day or near record setting day for AOC ???
Wow, what a day it was !!! A little chilly to start buy turned out to be a beautiful day for sure...water was in great shape, 57-58 degree water temps a setup for a great fishing as far as records set...hmmm...well the good news is that Bryan Tabor did not fish so he did not continue his streak of flat tires...on the other hand, records that might be real this day, are ones that we do not keep track of...8 teams fishing equals 16 fishermen equals 5 guys catching 6 fish total...tough day is right !!
Top Teams : Joe(2 fish) Phillips and partner Chuck(1 fish) Briley took 1st Place by .04 lbs with their 2.67 lbs of bass, that equals out to 0.89 lbs per fish...WOW !!!  Hey let's face it, it would make the T-Frog and Al E. Gator Awards for sure...Hot on their tails was the duo of Tim & Eben Choate, well, let's call it the Eben & Tim Choate duo as the "Young Gun" took BIG BASS for the day with a 1.49 lb largemouth...their total weight sat at 2.63 lbs...3rd Place had Lawrence Brunet and Mike McCann with their catch of 0.95 lbs...
Well that does it for the teams and the individuals as well...not much more to say except, COME ON MILLER'S, be nice to us...Oh I guess we can say this club weight for the day was 6.25 lbs, 6 fish total for an average weight of 1.04 lbs
The day on the water was worth it whether you caught or not, the fellowship on the water and at the weigh in was icing on the cake....


BBB, Yep, Its Big Bass Bonanza Time  Final Tournament of 2019

Location: Henderson

December 7, 2019

Yes it was a little on the chilly side early morning but turned out to be a great day for the Die Hard fishermen of AOC and a few friends that joined us this day...
Angler of the Year for 2019, Mark Angelle, joined forces with past AOY, Lawrence Brunet to walk away with the it turns out, both of these guys weighed in a Big Bass and both weighed exactly 3.28 they had an arm wrestling contest to see who would take home th winnings....and the WINNER WAS, neither, no arm wrestling involved for fear of breaking an arm and not being able to fish for  10 weeks...hahahaha...Of course they caught their fish punching, go figure...we look forward to our 15th year of AOC in 2020...A couple of new places on the schdule this year so it should be quite interesting...
Hey, Chris Warner and Jim Walton took 2nd Place with a nice 2.82 lb largemouth bass that was suckered into biting the famous "trick worm" that has always paid off...Randy Prejean paired up with Joe Phillips for a tie for 3rd Place on the day with a nice 2.41 lb bass that fell prey to a speed craw...Damon & Hunter Keely also had a 2.41 lb bass for the tie for 3rd Place...A total of 8 teams fished the event, thanks to all that came out to participate...


10th & The Last Stop for 2019

Our Annual High/Low Tournament at Henderson

November 2, 2019

A little on the chilly side to start the day but warmed up quite nicely...Thank God for keeping Lawrence & Roger safe from the boating accident and keeping all of our club safe as well...
Some nice fish caught by our members, hey, good news is NO ONE SCRATCHED...Congratulations go out to Mark Angelle for taking Angler of the Year for 2019...Also to Lawrence Brunet, Daniel Beasley, BryanTabor, Daniel Bryant, and Jim Walton for taking honors in the Top Six for the year...
Top Six Teams: Bryan Tabor & Devin Lantier caught 13.06 lbs to take 1st Place...2nd Place and close behind had Mark Angelle & Russell Dorion with their 12.99 lbs, Sitting in 3rd was Daniel Beasley & Ezra Choate with 11.39 lbs of bass...4th showed Lawrence and Roger totaling 8.29 lbs, 5th had Ricky Duhon & Weightmaster Tim Choate with their 7.81 lbs of fish...6th had Al Perry & Jim Walton with their 6.57 lbs of bass...
Remaining Teams: 7th-Mike McCann fishing alone had 3.71 lbs of bass.,  8th-Hunter Thibodeaux & Doc Bryant with 3.28 lbs 9th-Henry Faciane & Joe Phillips hooked 2.26 lbs of bass.
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-Daniel Beasley with 8.12 lbs, 2nd Place-Mark Angelle with 7.25 lbs, 3rd Place was Devin Lantier with 6.66 lbs, 4th-Bryan Tabor with 6.40 lbs, 5th-Lawrence had 6.22 lbs. and 6th-Russell with 5.74 lbs
Remaining Individuals: 7th-Ricky with 4.64 lbs, 8th-Mike had 3.71 lbs, 9th-Jim with 3.66 lbs 10th-Ezra gS 3,27 lbs, 11th-Tim with 3.17 lbs, 12th-Al had 2.91 lbs, 13th-Doc with 2.35 lbs, 14th-Roger had 2.07 lbs, 15th-Joe with 1.24 lbs, 16th-Henry with 1.02 lbs, 17th Hunter with 0.93
Big Fish: Daniel had big fish again this month with 3.74 lbs, Devin had a 3.19 lb largemouth and Lawrence had a 2.98 lb bass...
Club Totals: 39 bass weighing 69.36 lbs of fish, average weight of 1.78 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Punching, rattle trap type baits, swimming senko's caught most of the fish...

9th Stop for 2019

Good Old Toledo Bend

October 18-19, 2019

All I can say is WOW!!!

God once again steps up and blesses us with some great weather for our October Toledo Bend trip. Fishing was a little tough for most of the members but a couple of teams did pretty good. The BIG NEWS for the day was those GIANTS that Daniel Bryant managed to catch. He also broke the 2 Day Individual Weight Record with 27.55 lbs of bass, which by the way included 1 paper weight fish...Awesome Job Daniel...well while we are on Daniel he also took over Big Bass for the Year with an 8.08 lb bass, his kicker was a 6.71 lb fish, along with that he had a whimpy 3.56 lb small fish...WHAT A DAY, congratulations sir !!

Day 1 - Top Six Teams : 1st-Daniel Beasley & Mark Angelle had 12.63 lbs, 2nd-Daniel & Doc Bryant with 11.69 lbs, 3rd-Jim Walton & Joe Phillips caught 9.24 lbs, 4th-Randy Prejean & Devin Lantier with 8.26 lbs, 5th-Bryan Tabor & Derrick Smith had 6.94 lbs and 6th-Lawrence Brunet & Al Perry with 5.89 lbs.

Day 2 - Top Six Teams : 1st-Daniel & Doc with 18.35 lbs 2nd-Mark & Daniel had 12.73 lbs, 3rd-Al Perry & Lawrence Brunet hooked 11.67 lbs, 4th-Jim & Joe with 10.44 lbs, 5th-Randy & Devin had 8.07 lbs, 6th-Tommy Kilpatrick & Elmer Savoie with 6.71 lbs 

Overall 2 Day Total-Teams : 1st-Daniel & Doc Bryant had  30.04 lbs, 2nd-Mark & Daniel with 25.36 lbs, 3rd-Joe & Jim with 19.68 lbs, 4th-Al & Lawrence had 17.56 lbs, 5th-Devin & Randy with 16.33 lbs, 6th-Bryan & Derrick caught 12.82 lbs, 7th-Tommy & Elmer had 10.48 lbs, 8th-Hunter & Keith Thibodeaux with 8.90 lbs, 9th-Ricky Duhon & Roger Dejean with 8.07 lbs, 10th-Mike McCann & Ronnie McCormick had 4.97 lbs, 11th-Tim & Ezra Choate caught 4.10 lbs & 12th-Sonny Bajat & Chris Warner with 3.63 lbs of bass.

Day 1 - Top Six Individual : 1st-Daniel Bryant with 9.20 lbs, 2nd-Mark with 7.60 lbs, 3rd-Bryan had 6.00 lbs, 4th-D. Beasley with 5.03 lbs, 5th-Joe Phillips caught 5.01 lbs and 6th-Lawrence with 4.89 lbs.

Day 2 - Top Six Individual : 1st-Daniel Bryant boxed 18.35 lbs, 2nd-Lawrence with 8.06 lbs, 3rd-Mark with 7.08 lbs, 4th-Jim had 6.57 lbs, 5th-Daniel Beasley with 5.65 lbs. lbs and 6th-Tommy Kilpatrick with 4.83 lbs.

Overall Individual : 1st-Daniel Bryant with 27.55 lbs, 2nd-Mark with 14.68 lbs, 3rd-Lawrence hooked 12.93 lbs, 4th-Jim had 10.80 lbs, 5th-Daniel Beasley caought 10.68 lbs, 6th-Bryan with 9.63 lbs, 7th-Tommy had 9.10 lbs, 8th-Joe had 8.88 lbs, 9th-Devin hooked 8.61 lbs, 10th-Randy had 7.62 lbs, 11th-Keith had 5.33 lbs, 12th-Al with 4.63 lbs, 13th-Ricky with 4.57 lbs, 14th-Ezra had 4.10 lbs, 15th-Mike had 3.78 lbs, 16th-Sonny with 3.63 lbs, 17th-Hunter caught 3.57 lbs, 18th-Roger snagged 3.50 lbs, 19th-Derrick with 3.24 lbs, 20th-Doc had 2.49 lbs, 21st-Elmer had 1.38 lbs, 22nd-Ronnie Mc had 1.19 lbs, 23rd-Members of the "Poor Me" Club, Derrick Smith & Tim (WHAT) Choate with 0.0000 lbs.

Big Fish Day 1 : 1st-Daniel Bryant had a 5.38 lb fish, 2nd-Daniel Beasley 2.74 lb fish, 3rd-Lawrence a 2.69 lb fish


Big Fish Day 2 : 1st-Daniel Bryant had 8.08 lb fish, 2nd-Daniel Bryant with a 6.71 lb fish, 3rd-Lawrence with a 4.22 lb bass

Club Facts: 161.94 lbs of bass were caught, total of 90 bass for an average weight of 1.80 lbs. 

Tips from the Top 3 Teams: 1st Place caught mostly drop shotting, 2nd Place caught on flukes, swimjigs and crankbaits, 3rd Place caught by drop shotting and crankbaits...


8th Stop for 2019

Myette Point/Basin 2

September 28, 2019

Pleasant Surprise, some good catches made, not as good as last month but successful. Praise God for another good day on the water and keeping everyone safe..
Let's start with the "Killer B's Strike Again"...Daniel Beasley pairs up with his dad, David to put the sting on the participants for this event out of Myette Point...a few biguns were caught this day as well...yes it was HOT if you stayed in the sun for and extended length of time...Read all about it below !!
Top Six Teams: Killer Be's outdistant the field with a nice 16.78 lb stringer to walk away with 1st Place...2nd Place had Jim Walton & Al Perry with 5 fish totaling 11.16 lbs, Sitting in 3rd was Henry Faciane & Ezra Choate also with 5 keepers with 10.35 lbs of bass...4th belonged to Hunter Thibodeaux & Joe Phillips, 5 keepers totaling 9.52 lbs, 5th had Ricky Duhon & Weightmaster Tim Choate with their 8.76 lbs of fish...6th had Bryan Tabor & Roger Dejean with 6.69 lbs...
Remaining Teams: 7th-David Hamner & Doc Bryant with 3.14 lbs of bass.,  8th-Sonny Bajat & Elmer Savioe had 1.64 lbs 9th-Mark Angelle & Chris Warner with 1.56 lbs of bass.
Top Six Individual Weights: 1st-Daniel Beasley with "el grande" 9.57 lbs, 2nd Place-Ezra Choate with 7.34 lbs, 3rd Place showed Al Perry(WHAT) with 6.89 lbs, 4th-Hunter Thibodeaux had 5.86 lbs, 5th-Tim Choate with 4.49 lbs. and 6th-Jim Walton & Ricky Duhon with 4.27 lbs
Remaining Individuals: 8th-Bryan Tabor with 4.08 lbs, 9th-Joe had 3.66 lbs, 10th-Henry with 3.01 lbs, 11th-Roger with 2.61 lbs, 12th-David with 1.87 lbs, 13th-Sonny had 1.64 lbs, 14th-Mark with 1.56 lbs, 15th-Doc had 1.27 lbs, 16th-Chris Warner & Elmer Savoie with nada, zilch...0.00 lbs...
Big Fish: Daniel had a big 4.64 lb fish caught on a creature bait, David Beasley hung a 3.58 on a spinnerbait, Big E with a 3.06 lb, Al Perry had a 2.95 lb bass
Club Totals: 36 bass weighing 69.60 lbs of fish, average weight of 1.93 lbs.
Tips from the winners: Creature baits, spinnerbaits, swinbaits, senko's and trick worms did the fish in...Toledo Bend up next...